Monday, March 22, 2010

In love

I am not sure how many of you can remember that there was this tiny stall in the old Tiong Bahru market that sells Crystal buns (水晶包). Though I don't dine there often but I will buy their crystal buns each time I am there. My hubby prefers the savoury whereas I like the sweet version more. Last year, I found the same store in Alexandra Village but they were preparing for closing. They told me that they will be moving out as the place they were currently in, will be going through renovation. Bet on my memory, I now totally forgotten where they will be for the next two years. So instead of cracking up my head and to recall where their new location is. I decided to make some on my own. Using the homemade red bean that I have, I turned mine into a sweet crystal bun. Photobucket I was also curious of egg custard. So often, when I have dim sum, I not once venture into this. Somehow egg custard bun doesn't entice me till I saw a picture of this in a recipe book. The see through of this yellow egg custard crystal bun look pretty enough for me to try it but I was pretty disappointed by the overall. Photobucket My experience didn't turn out as good. The skin is not that crystal and texture wise is not soft as I have expected. The egg custard is definitely something getting used to. If you have any nice crystal bun recipe, hopefully you can share with me.
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  1. This is something new Edith, I've not heard of crystal buns and nope, tried googling for you, no return. Is the texture like 'har kow' texture? You know, those prawn dumplings in dim sum restaurant
    the skin looks like crystal too!

  2. I miss the crystal buns stall in tiong bahru market! Yours look like the real deal leh, yummy!

  3. Quinn, 水晶包 is not same as har kow. The texture is softer.

    hehehe... you know me well. I am terrible in web surfing.

    Piggy, Mine not good as tiong Bahru. I need to get the texture softer.

  4. You reminded me of some really nice custard bun I ate in HK... it has salted egg in "lai wong" *custard). Very unhealthy but finger licking good!

  5. E, my tears almost running down once I see these buns... your buns (btw they look very authentic!) bring back those good memory ...

  6. Edith, the crystal buns recipe is at KC forum. Taught to me by Chef Secret's boss, Ms Irene Yip. its the same technique with the teochew soon kueh. Only that the flour used is Sweet potato flour. I made some 2 weeks ago, all eaten up.

  7. Cookie, now I have to try this when I go HK.

    Gattina, you can make it too.

    Thanks Gina.

  8. You reminded me of some really nice custard bun I ate in HK... it has salted egg in "lai wong" *custard). Very unhealthy but finger licking good!


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