Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bonding time

My son's school organised a workshop for mom to bond with her son. It was a nice event and the turn out was pretty good. After a quick discussion, we decided to do a family theme despite his sister and dad weren't there. Since my son is good with his "big head" drawing. We concluded we should draw something towards that theme. Unfortunately, my son wasn't used to drawing with acrylic paint. He wasn't very pleased with his result and somehow, half through, he gave up attempting his best. I too on the other hand wasn't really pleased with mine too as it seems so "kinder-ish". Come to think about it, it has been ages since I pick up a paint brush to paint. This definitely helps me to pick up my interest once again. Nevertheless, we had a great time. Photobucket My little girl was so jealous and she too wanted me to do one such session with her. So stay tune to my princess' masterpiece.
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  1. I agree that it's important to bond a little one to one with the children.

    I'm taking my eldest to London for 3 days when the school year finishes.


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