Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A tai tai?

CW called few weeks ago, we haven't spoken for ages or rather since the school term ended. Well I being away and then she was away too for three solid weeks in Europe. We chatted about everything a housewife will normally chat. We update each other with our kids, our home and our holidays. Now, is this what our life is all about? Last week, I met up with PN for breakfast. Since I left the company, we have never met up with each other for a meal or coffee. She was holding a high flying job and I was just too busy with the family. She has just quit from a high profile job as she was experiencing burnt out and started staying home in December. Just a short span of time, she already started to feel bored. Now she is trying to look for opportunity to start a small business. For those who envy us, let me tell you that being a homemaker is not easy. Besides ensuring the needs of the children are catered for (which is constant). The house is in order. Food is provided for. Clothes are washed and pressed. We also stand in as nurse when kids are ill. We act as a carpenter/technician when things are broken. We become drivers. We become everything rolled into one. In fact, we stand in for so many roles that I bet it is going to be a long list. It is the toughest when we fell ill because we cannot rest. In between catching a few winks, you still need to attend to the kids and to the household. For a lucky me, having helper is maybe like an extra pair of hands but it is not that easy as it seems. We have to monitor, we have to guide, we have to teach and basically we have to be there! Gradually we lost the social skill as we only deals with vastly with kids. It takes a huge effort to find back our own identity. For those who think staying home is fun. Yes we do have fun because we witness everything FIRSTs in our kids’ life. The sacrifice of giving up our self independence, in terms of well being and in terms of monetary, is great. Perhaps God makes women that strong that we are able to multi task so well that it seems that it is only natural that we will take charge of the household and the men will only brings back the dough. Thus, I wonder why we are called tai tai when we are not. Staying home does not equate to being a tai tai. Am I right? Okay, enough of my ranting for the day. The kids have been having either cakes, cereals or sandwiches for breakfast. I decided to change the menu alittle. Sometime back, I had some really nice Swedish Pancake in a furniture mall. It is almost crepes like in my opinion. I love it. Decided to do a little research and came up with this. I don't have lingonberry jam but we make do with maple syrup and strawberry jam from the bottle. Photobucket What you need: (for 6) 6 eggs 3 cups milk 100g flour 3 tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 3 tbsp melted butter Method Whisk eggs and then add in the milk, sugar, salt and butter. Continue to whisk till blended. Add in flour and slowly incorporate it into the batter. Sieve and let it stand for 5 mins. Heat a round non stick frying pan. Add a ladle of batter (just enough to coat the pan) and cook it till it brown. Turn it over and continue to cook the other side till brown. Serve with either maple syrup or ligonberry jam and cream.
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  1. It looks a little like chinese pancakes. Yummy..!

  2. I agreed it is not easy to be a housewife. It is also not easy to be a working mother without any domestic help. We got to take on a different role after our office hours. I guess we just got to work smart and to prioritise.
    I think All Women are great!

  3. Housewife is free maid, cook, babysitter, sex worker combined, ok!

    Those pancakes look good, I must have eaten them in some Swedish mom's place (we have loads of them here). You may find lingonberry at Ikea Singapore, they always buy that at the Ikea in Bologna.

  4. Tracie, chinese pancake? mmmm... with the peanut fillings?

    WM, yes I have lived through life as a working mom without helper before. It was sure tough but hey we survived. Girl power!

    BL, so true! all rolled into one.

    Yes, I saw lingonberry at Ikea by during that time, I see no use for it till I tried that pancake. I still can't get the same texture as Ikea's!!! but was at least enough to satisfy my craving. LOLz.


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