Wednesday, February 03, 2010

No more steam

After baking cookies for my mom, I lost the mojo to continue baking cookies for my own household. I had this bad ulcer in my mouth that just won't go away. Despite me taking cooling herbal tea, the sore still hurts and it seems to be getting bad. Having ulcer is very uncommon for me. Even if I have one, it will heal almost the very next day. This time, this ulcer is really stubborn! and it is bothering me alot. I have a bag of green apples that I actually bought for my little prince. Somehow green apples are no longer his favourite and I better used it up before it goes into the bin. I hate throwing away food. I decided to bake Apple Crumble instead. Just love the smell of cinnamon with apples. Awesome. While baking, the nice aroma that filled the kitchen was enough to lift up my spirit. This recipe is really unique, I expected it to be a tart base but it turned out to be more cakelike. I love the texture, the crumble was crispy and fragrant, filling is soft and juicy and it sits on a soft layer of “cake”. Definitely a good way to end our today's dinner. Photobucket
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  1. Hi Edith

    did you apply any medication on your ulcer? whenever i have ulcers, i apply oracort which can be bought from pharmacies. i find it v effective. u may want to give it a try.

  2. Do take care, I used to do the salt treatment, painful but numbing. My dad gave us this blue lotion too, have you heard of it?

  3. Thanks Octopusmom, the location is at a out of reach position so applying medication is really tough. I have Oracort at home as my hubby is very prone to such thing. We tried putting some medication last night with plenty of fingers sticking inside my mouth. LOLz.

    BL, I will try your method now. Blue lotion. ....mmmm...


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