Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Mom the greatest

When I was young, I was very blessed that my mom was not a working mom. She spent her whole life devoted to bringing up 4 kids. She was an extremely strict mom with plenty of house rules.

Though I don’t have to cook, I was made to “stand” in front of the wok just to observe. Household duties are split among the three older kids. One of us wash, one wipe and store and one sweep is a standard duty after each meal.

My mom wasn't as lucky as I. She didn't get to go to school. She picked up Chinese and a splattering of English on her own. She is always keen to learn.

While my dad is at work and us in school, she will pick up Nonya, Chinese and Malay cuisines at the community clubs. She was also into baking and I was lucky enough to inherit some of her tools.

We were very lucky bunch of kids who always get to savour all these goodies. She attended sewing classes so that she can sew us new clothes.

Even my school uniforms were sewn by her. We never have to shop for New Year’s clothing as she will be the one sewing for us. Now looking back, I have to thank her for bringing me up to be independent, compassion and the eagerness to read and learn.

I remembered I was always feeling proud whenever my mom comes by the school because my classmates were all shared the same comment. "wow your mom is so slim and young".

Time passed, we got married and have our own family. Mom instead of growing fatter got skinnier than before. I guess it was her poor health that she can't put on weight.

She also lost the interest in cooking which I can't blame her. Besides the standard daily meals that she and dad shared daily, I guess she finds no necessary to whip out something special anymore for just the two of them.

That is why we looked forward to festive gatherings where she will cook up a storm once again.

Each time I see her (though not on weekly basis), she gets thinner and thinner. She looks so tiny now. Of late, mom is into cakes. Someone told her that eating more cakes will help with her weight gain. So despite my crazy schedule, I decided to bake her, a rich butter cake.

Decorated with 69 roses and rose buds to symbolise her age.

Happy Birthday mommy.

You are the best. Thanks for always being there for me when I needed help. I love you.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mummmy!!!! You are such a doting and filial daughter Edith. Mum is so lucky to have you. I love this post and its writing very much. Too touching...

  2. That was a very sweet declaration of love. :)

  3. I love this post, beautiful writing about your mum. My mum didn't go to school too, like your mum she took care of the 8 of us, and yet could find time to cook and bake. She could make Chinese pastries, Nonya kuehs and western bakes. She also attended baking classes in CCs...and now I am into baking, I wondered how she learned since she couldn't read the recipes and forget about taking notes. She also sew all our clothes, and sometimes took up sewing projects to 'work-from-home'. She is my domestic goddess. I am sure you also regard your mum as the only domestic goddess on earth :)

  4. Thanks Quinn, I am the lucky one coz she is always here for me but I can't say that I am always there for her.

    Thanks SIG and Tina.

    HHH, yah our mommies are so wonderful isn't it? They are the girl power generation. My mom learn her Chinese from Newspaper. I remembered she has this little book that is like a vocab book.

  5. This is so sweet =) And what a great job you did with all the fondant!

  6. This is really sweet, Edith. Happy Birthday to your mummy too!


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