Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today's weather was great. The clear blue sky was a welcome sight as we experienced hazy weather for weeks. I don't know whether it is the haze or the weather, it triggers a nagging cough that I can't shake it off which explains why I have not been sleeping great lately. Initially I wanted to bake cookies and a cake in the afternoon, but I chose a nap over baking as I was feeling “wasted” from the medication. By the time I wake up, it was already early evening. There goes my baking. I was determined to bake because hubby is leaving town. I always like to feed him with some home baked stuff before he leaves. :) Anyway, I wanted to bake this particular Chocolate Cake that A shared with me. It has a very unique method of preparing it and that sparks my curiosity. My cake always turned out ugly. I wish I can produce cakes like those appeared in William – Sonoma’s Cake book. They looked so clean, flat and beautiful even without “dolling” it with frosting. This time round, mine is no difference. It started off well and towards the end of the last 15 mins, eruption appeared. Damn, there goes my flat top cake. Haiz….. Setting aside the look, I couldn’t wait to taste the cake. I wanted to see whether it is THE chocolate cake for me. I was sadly disappointed because it has this strong soda taste in it. My hubby said it was bland but after sampling a whole piece, I find that sweetness is just right. I read that sometime a cake taste better over night. Thus, I was hoping that this is one of those. So let’s see whether it will taste better tomorrow. Verdict: yes yes yes, this cake in fact is one of those. It kind of “mature” over night and the soda after taste is gone. In fact, it is soft and has a fine crumb to it. The sweetness is just right. Now I just have to find out why mine is erupted in the centre and find ways to overcome it. Anyone knows why? Photobucket
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