Thursday, September 24, 2009

My very first

AW, who is a Jazz singer asked me whether I can bake a cake for her friend's birthday. I was hesitant because I have never sold a fondant cake. Those past fondant cakes that I prepared are for my kids and personal consumption. I don't know why I accepted it but I did. Thus as the days grew nearer, I got cold feet. I started to worry. What if it turned out to be as ugly as my kids' cakes. Professional fondant cake is so smooth and beautiful. What if I can't achieve that smoothness and the cake turned out full of "bumps"? Thousands of uncertaintly question marks flows in my brain. A promise is a promise thus that actually pushes me on and overcome my nervousness. Actually this is one of the reason that I turned down numerous enquiries to bake whole fondant cake or even to teach. Except for this case, because AW is a long time friend, I accepted it. I am not as gungho to take in orders or students knowing my "own" standard is below marginal. Then again, if I don't try I will never know if I can do it. The rolling pin that I ordered didn't come on time. Restorted to borrowing it from my dear friend, C. This idea is greatly inspired by my research on the internet. The double bass was handcrafted. I nearly freaked out when I broke the "bow" when I tried to pack it in the box. Luckily AW was able to wait for me to repair it. Though it is not up to standard, I feel a sense of satisfaction that I completed it. Hopefully the birthday gal, Melissa will like it. Photobucket
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  1. What are you talking about????
    This is super awesome!
    You must have a really high high standard!

  2. It's a beautiful professionally made cake!

  3. Hi Edith,

    Been your slient supporter all these while.
    The cake is very well done, Very nice. Hope to see more fondant cake to come.
    Cheers and congrats.

  4. You're too harsh on yourself. It looks great!

  5. The cake is beautiful! I especially liked the guitar :-)

  6. Edith! Your cake looks great! You know that... :) :) I would love you to teach me how to make all these marvelous cake!!! Awesome!!


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