Tuesday, April 07, 2009

In the mood for ....

I am finally done with my sugar crafting. Thus I am in the mood for some baking.

I have been craving for tarts for quite some time. Each time I hold up a recipe, I put it down again. Making tarts really test your patience.

If you wanted something quick, tarts are definitely not for you. I have yet to come by a tart recipe that don't have to pre baked. Have you?

I have yearned for a tart with bananas for nearly a week. After seeing Piggy's Banana Cream Pie, my interest renewed.

Guess now I have a little time to spare after since I completed my sugar dough projects. With a bunch of banana calling out to finish up and a packet of puff pastry that needed my attention.

Yes, puff pastry is something I have yet to master thus I have no choice but to buy pre-packed.

This wonderful Banana and Chocolate Tarte Tatin looks easy to do and I can whip it out just in time for our dessert for tonight.

How can you go wrong with banana and chocolate? It never failed to taste absolutely delicious, don't they?

My photo definitely didn’t do justice.


Note: Go for the ripest banana you can get your hands on. Also once the toffee has come together, do not cook further. I did wrap my springform pan with foil to prevent leaking.
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