Monday, April 06, 2009

Fats or no fats

Yesterday, DC and AY was telling me about a Roast Pork Stall that they patronised. How finger licking good the roast was and how they love theirs as fatty ones.

For us, perhaps it is a cultivated habit, our meat must be as lean as possible. Even when I cooked pork belly, I usually opt for the leanest that the butcher can select for me. Even my son who is only 12 will cut out the fats and leave it on the plate. In fact, my kids doesn't really like fatty meat.

Thus when I was down at the supermarket yesterday, I saw some customers going for the pork belly. Remembering a recipe that I clipped from the Newspaper a few weeks ago, I decided to get some pork belly to try it out. Old habit die hard, I opted once again the leanest of the lot.

This dish, Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly is relatively easy to prepare. I added in another 2 tbsp of soya sauce as I find it not salty enough. The vinegar does give the meat some tang. If I were to make this again, I will definitely go for a fattier meat.


What you need:

500g pork belly, cut into 3cm cubes
2 tsp black rice vinegar
1 tsp shao xing wine
3 tsp dark soya sauce
3 tsp sugar
2 tbsp light soya sauce (mine is the less salty version)
0.5tsp ground white pepper
1.5 tsp five spice powder
2 cloves garlic, halved
6cm ginger, cut into thick slices
400ml water


Scald the pork belly in a pot of boiling water for a min. Drain and place it in a medium sized saucepan.

Add black rice vinegar, shao xing wine, dark and light soya sauces, sugar, garlic, ginger and 250ml water or just cover the meat. Cook over medium heat until it reaches to a gentle simmer.

Lower the heat and cook for another 20 mins. Add more water if necessary to ensure that the pork belly is covered by the sauce.

Lower the heat further and continue braising for 30 mins or until meat is tender.

Serve 6
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  1. We do the same thing. I cooked a brisket last night and cut off most of the fat before cooking. I just cooked it longer to keep it tender.

  2. Hi Precious moments,

    I guess majority of the singaporeans are health conscious, that's why they avoid fatty meat like plague.. Well, at least that's the case for me.. I totally can't stand the idea of fatty meat.. Hehe..



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