Monday, October 06, 2008

Playing around

There is a new technology that I actually can "follow" all my favourite blog read in blogger. Unfortunately for some, I can't. Then I realised that my blog was still "under" the old version. So I went about finding the fault and ended with my question marks in my head. It was a cross road. If I "upgrade", alot of my links will go missing. If I don't, then I will be in the "old generation" as my youngest sister always label me. Thanks to R, H and L for their encouragement. I finally able to rectify at least 80% of my issue. So now I am into the "new" generation. heheheeh.... I would love to revamp my blog but as usual with my limited knowledge in technology.... this will take me a good few days or weeks to do it. Unfortunately hubby is leaving town so I doubt I will the energy to do it as I will be a "SINGLE" parent unless I burnt midnight oil. I would love to have a new header to my boring one which is gone now. So let me "play around" first and see whether I can come up with something decent and pretty okay. I wouldn't reject any kind soul who will "sponsor" me one though. LOLz. As you know, I am not that creative at all. Now, what have I done for my weekend. Well the kids went for their taekwondo grading. This time round, my little one really done good. There was so much determination and focus. I am really proud of her. My son went through it with bliss as a seasoned student. Let's pray he will get a double promotion. Photobucket We also attended the Motorshow. Nothing impressive and the show is pretty pathetic as not many big boys are involved this time round. The models are really nothing to shout about. In fact, some are such a pain. Leaning on the car and chatting away despite the interested party was trying to get into the car to have a feel. Some, they looked totally bored. The saving grace was that we did enjoyed the stunt show which was pretty impressive. mmmm.... what is that guy's name who is still holding the record? I also spent the Sat catching up with this group of girlfriends. Remembering I promised them a get together at my place many donkey months ago. I think it is at least 1.5 years ago? hahaha.... Well girls, if you are reading this.... my aging mind not that bad right? Selective memory I guess. Well, it is hard to organise something as H is a newly appointed mom (well not really new anymore as her son already hitting 11th month)! SY, forever being a social butterfly and now a "forced" workaholic. SH needs to spend those precious weekends with her boyfriend aka future hubby to be as she is only home on weekend. Anyway, been having so many BBQ of late that I ran out of ideas what to put on the table besides the usual. Since it is a small affair, I decided to put everything except pork chop and banana wrapped fish on skewers. Easier this way I think. At least you won't get messy hand and drinking wine right? Yah, all of us are alcoholic!!! SY already told me that she will be bringing her well loved wine. hahahaha... Preparing this is easy. By late morning, I have already got everything in order. Still able to have "alone time" for 2.5 hours while hubby babysit. I wish I can do this often. That is my "alone time" It feels great. We spent a good night sipping wine and catching up on the latest development of our lives. I wish we can do this often. Perhaps once every two months? What do you think gals? Photobucket BTW, H came with two plates of this awesome Beef Salad. I just can't shake it off the next day. I definitely am going to ask for the recipe. It was simply sedap!!!!! H, I know you are reading this so can I have the recipe pleeeeeaaaasee?
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