Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finally getting mommy's home cooked food

When I got married, the first thing I misses was my mom's home cooking. She is a fantastic cook for your information. Perhaps it is because my dad was a fussy eater (well his mom was a good cook too). When we were young, she always insists that we stand next to her while she cooks. Of course during those young days, this was extremely boring and thus nothing registered. I took Home Economic during my first and second years of secondary school but the third and fourth I got into the Needlework course. Don't ask me how but I was. After six long years of dinning out, we had enough and thus the interest took on. I started with one pot meal and then gradually moving on to dishes. It helps as the family expands. Growing up with my mom's cooking, our palate become fussy too. We can tell good, so so and "bluffing your way" on how a cuisine was prepared. Is this good or is this bad, I seriously don't know. Whereas for my hubby, everything taste okay. With less expectation, for a hubby he is definitely easy to feed. For self improvement, I think this is bad especially he is the critic to what I put on the table. My kids were usually very diplomatic. Anyway, mommy hasn't been cooking for a long time at least for us (married daughters). Partly because of health reason and partly she lost the stamina. So normally our weekend with them will be dined out. After all, she dishes out three meals a day for my dad for 5 days. She definitely needed the break on a weekend. We haven't been dinning together of late too as they just newly acquired a house and was busy. As hubby dear is away, mom invited us over for dinner. It will be a merry occasion as three families will be dinning together. My sister was getting excited too as she hardly cooks. She was all done with grocery shopping yesterday and already co-ordinated with mom what to have for dinner. hahaha... I think it is good that my parents were able to secure a flat that is a stone throw away from my sister. We can kill two birds with one stone every time we visit now. LOLz. For my part, I decided to bring Steamed Serikaya cake. This cake was raved about that I got to try it. The cake is really good. Soft, fluffy and delicious. Even my dad who doesn't really like cake as he always find them sweet gave his approval. Somehow it reminded me of one that D bought for me in KL and didn't have a chance to find out the name. Sorry, I won't be sharing this recipe as I have make a pact and if someday I am good enough, I might even sell them if my friends want them. LOLz. Photobucket
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