Monday, September 15, 2008

Real enough?

Little R is obsessed with volcanoes and since I have some time extra, I crafted some volcanoes and dinos to surprise him today. Let's hope this auntie's craftmanship is good enough for him. The funny part is that though I know what is a volcano, I have never really give much thought to it till I started on this little pet project. Should it be a mountain full of greens or should it be brown? The larva is red as it is burning or ..... How does a "burning" volcano looks like? So many questions were flowing out while crafting these. My kids were very supportive. After I finished them, they said it looks like one but I wasn't too sure whether their answers were just to please mommy dearest or what. Now can you tell me? Your feedback will be great for me to improve. Photobucket
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