Sunday, August 31, 2008


Being bought up in the city, kampong life fascinates me. I remembered during our courtship days, the numerous dive trips that I made with hubby to Malaysia were always an added bonus to me when I discovered fruit trees on our side trip for trekking activities.

Seeing trees bearing fruits gets me really excited. I remembered hubby had to climb coconut trees or think of ways to get a pomelo down just for me. The trill in them is not eating the fruits but the means of getting it down in the wilderness.

When we decided to stay here, I knew that my hubby will enjoy and our kids were be able to expose to their daddy's childhood memories and be able to share many happy moments.

This area has a laid back environment, the air is fresh and the space is especially good for the kids. But after been staying here for more than 1.5 years, I am still adjusting badly to the the creepy crawlies and occassional shed of snake skins found in the compound. Days whereby hubby is out of town makes me really paranoid, luckily my little princess is just like her daddy. Bold and brave.

Though I love to believe that I have green fingers. My little garden ain't doing too well until of late. Our bolonglong tree which is a gift from KC bears no fruits till now. In fact, it was in a pathetic stage and there were times I think this poor tree will be better off with KC than with me.

Our numerous lime trees used to yield plenty but under my "no time" attitude, they have since decline in their "baby making".

Many of my basil plants and mint have since perished when I taken ill. The only surving herbs now in my little garden is rosemary and pandan!!!!!

I have resigned to the fact that I will never have green fingers and the dream of having a garden abundance of fruitful harvest is just a dream.

Now, all of a sudden, my hubby found starfruits! Can you imagine the delight! The wind has been really strong lately and already two branches had fallen to my dismay.

Hubby ensured me that there are still plenty and I only has to train my eyes to spot them. LOLz.


Enough said, when I saw G in a cooking forum harvesting a jar of starfruit wine. I knew one day there will be the right moment to have my own jar too.

We spent our busy Sunday harvesting our FIRST fruit tree. Hubby was up the tree getting those ripe fruit down and I below trying to catch them with my basket.

The feeling is really good when you harvest your own fruits. I love every minutes of it except that I still can't figure out how to climb a tree!

Now it will be a waiting game for this little precious to turn into Starfruit wine!

BTW, hubby was saying how possible be it to turn into wine where you only added in sugar. It sounded more like juice to him. LOLz.

I can't wait to savour our ORGANIC starfruit wine. LOLz.


What you need:

1kg starfruits
200g sugar
1 lemon (as I don't have lime on hand)


Wash and slice starfruits.

Rub sugar all over the fruits and put them into a nice clean glass jar.

Drizzle the lemon juice over it.

Seal jar and let it rest for a week.

Opening the jar to let it breathe on alternate days.
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