Friday, August 08, 2008

Time to bake

After my knitting escapade ... now it is back to baking. Been itching to bake for a while. Baking for Cupcake Fantasies and baking for family is different. The two males in the household are no longer my cupcake supporters. Perhaps they have way tooo many and now getting phobia! hahahahaha.... only my little princess is supportive. She will eat any leftover that I have. Thanks princess! and not forgetting friends and family members who supported Cupcake Fantasies and allowing me to have a motive to explore my passion further. Anyway, I have been itching for madeleines for quite some time. The prices of a reputable bakery for these has gone up pretty much. I also been wanting to bake these myself for the longest time but the stubborn streak in me wanted a 12 pcs mould rather than 8 or 10. I found one but it didn't fit into my budget as I wanted two trays. During my last holiday, I finally got them. I was really really happy because I spotted them in one shop just next to where we stayed. Luckily I told myself that I will get it before I check out because the very next day, I found them in another shop and they were on sales! Buying stuff from sales always yield great satisfaction. For me, it represent that I got a good deal that equates to saving. LOLz. (I doubt my hubby share the same view). During that trip, I got many items that I wanted except a small regret. Should have taken my hubby's advice and went for it. Blame it on my poor memory on numbers as I can't recall how much they were selling in Singapore. I also didn't want to lug back something that later on I found that I gotten a bad deal. That feeling sucks but now the regrets is bitting me. LOLz. Hopefully G will be able to get the same price as the one I saw. Will be nice to add to my collection. I decided on a Honey and chocolate madeleines as my first virgin bake. I have never tasted chocolate madeleines and thus eager to try out. This yield a soft spongy texture. Sweetness is a little too much perhaps it is due to the type of honey I used. I will have to reduce the sugar if I were to bake this again. As I have no benchmark, I can't tell whether this is the right texture. As compared to the vanilla type, this has no crusty shell but the fragrance of the honey and the taste of the chocolate definitely stand out. Did I did it correctly I can't tell either. What I read is that there should be a little hump on it. Mine is not obvious but perhaps I should reduce the batter for each mould. Anyone out there can throw some light to this? Photobucket Recipe adapted from Chocolate, Trish Deseine What you need: 150g dark chocolate 70g unsalted butter 5 eggs, separated 4 tablespoon honey 125g castor sugar (I will reduce this to 100g) 150g flour (I sifted the flour) Method Melt chocolate and butter in a mircrowave or over bain marie method and leave to cool. Beat the egg yolks with sugar until the mixture is thick and pale. Add in the melted chcolate, honey and flour. Beating at high speed after each addition. Whisk egg whites into soft peaks and fold into the flour mixture. Leave the mixture to chill for at least an hour or overnight. (mixture will thickens) Preheat oven to 190 degree celcius. Grease your mould thoroughly well especially the hollows. Approx 1/2 tbsp, filled the mould. (Mine is a standard mould). Bake for 8 - 10 mins. I prefer to remove the madeleines while it is still hot.
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