Saturday, August 09, 2008

Simply not enough

Last durian season, I was ill and unable to savour my favourite king of fruits. This season, I was getting worried as my hubby was down with a cough. I was praying hard that this strong hercules will be able to recover on time. Lucky enough!

This season, I already had 3 rounds of this yummilious fruit. To some, this smells like smelly cheese. To others, gosh, the feeling is on top of the world if you managed to lay hands on those creamy, sweet with a tinge of bitterness. Yum yummmmm... my favourite.

I guess it also has to do with the season and the timing. I remembered once I had some from Penang. We visited a durian plantation and was disappointed that there isn't any until we found a stall smack right in the middle of the hill where one of the plantation was situated. We were so desperate for some that despite it is the only stall and it doesn't give off that nice aroma, we went against our judgement and ordered a few.

The result was sooooo disappointing and we went away with a tastless bud and a big hole in the pocket.

Anyway I was actually pinning for durian eclairs. Those from a reputable hotel always make me drool for more. My last failure in preparing choux is putting me off for awhile.

Of late, the weather is really hot. I carve for ice cream in fact. I was actually eyeing on an ice cream maker that were on sales. Unfortunately when I gently hinted, I got a no no from my boss. Haiz.... generally he doesn't turn down what I want but I guess his analytical mind done up the sum and it doesn't really make sense for me to own one unless I have an army of kids to feed. LOLz.

Nevertheless, there is always the "NEED to have" and the "NICE to have". With machine or without, that didn't deter me from making my own. Afterall, since the increase in dairy products, I have been making ice cream with my own concoct flavours.

It is cheap, good and my family appreciate it which is important to me. I wanted to experience other recipe besides my regular one but was pretty disappointed with the result that I took from here. It has this icy feel to it instead of the creamy ones that we were used to.

Luckily the durian puree is creamy and tasted so good that we didn't mind the texture. Next round, I will definitely use my old trusted recipe instead unless I find another alternative.


What you need:

Part 1

400g durian flesh, blended

Part 2

300g whipping cream
150g evaporated milk

Part 3

30g coffee creamer
50g icing sugar


Mix liquid ingredient (part 2) with creamer and sugar (part 3) on low speed.

Increase to high and whisk till it is creamy.

Add in blended durian and mixed well.

Pour the mixture into container.

Chill till semi set and whisk again.

Chill again.

Do it a few times if need arise to create that airy texture.
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