Friday, August 01, 2008

An extra pair of hands

After 5 years of doing away with a domestic helper. We have decided to embark on this path of having one again. In fact, I hesitated for nearly two weeks or more but the strength came when I hurt my back. With the second injury within three days, I knew deep down that I can no longer hold the forth all by myself. It was a nervous moment for me. I can only pray for better luck this time round. To those who knew us, the horror stories that we shared with, was an understandable reason why we didn't want one eventually. Each time I read the newspaper about all those abuses. I felt that such situation can be avoided. My heart goes out to the one who got abused but I also understand why the other party looses one's mind. We must rememeber that endurance, forgiveness plus stress level all has its limits. The system will never be fair if you lay your first punch and it is easy to play victim if you have a system to back you up. I was seriously taken aback with the ruling that we have to pay for their air ticket home even if they commit theft or caught with abusing our kids. So we have to learn to walk away from it before it gets out of hand .... even it meant to retrain all over again... even if it meant to forgo the agency fees .... even if it meant that your child has to find an alternative environment to grow up .... and even if it meant that you have to handle the workload all by yourself! Just go for it! When we came to a decision to having helper again. My mind is more at ease now partly because hubby kept re-assuring me that this time, our situation will be better because the kids are much older and able to voice out if they are subjected to any abuses and having me being at home also able to monitor misbehavioural conduct. Though we will lose the privacy that we enjoyed tremendously over the last few years. We needed the extra pair of hands to handle household chores so that I can spent more time on my prince as we embark on the PSLE preparation and also give me time to rebuilt my strength and health. I pray that this helper will come with a good attitude and a willingness to learn. I pray that she will remember the reason why she has to break her heart to leave her aged parents behind. I pray that she will be focus enough on her dreams to have a better tomorrow. I pray that all will works well between her and my family. Welcome onboard M. Now that she is onboard, I am able to enjoy a little cup of tea and rekindle with my long lost interest. (so nice to have quiet moments before my son comes home *wink*)
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