Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good timing

Though I enjoyed my short break, I am also happy to be back. Back to my little cosy house. We had great fun and the company was good. It was a very relaxing trip which I like. The weather were awesome too as we got snow up in the mountain. We ended the beautiful holiday with a good steak house too. As the other group haven't been on a ski course, we opted for tobogganing instead. I guess kids are a natural when comes to sport. We started off with a more gradual slope so that I and M can get used to it as well as the adults. Then we proceed onto a steeper slope. I guess both adults and kids enjoyed it tremendously and didn't want to part till sun set. Photobucket Photobucket Unfortunately I gotten a bad back just before my trip thus I couldn't participate but I am happy to play photographer. I am thankful that the pain was bearable thoroughout the trip. I only needed to lie down to rest my back in the evening but the pain became unbearable when I reached home (phew) and I just needed to have it checked. What started off was a jerk when I coughed and I ended up nearly having a slipped disc. It was scary and luckily to my better judgement, I didn't ski or tobogan. If not I think I might need to be to airlifted. My trusted sinseh is good. He managed to get my back back in place. So now I am into my recovering stage. Hopefully by end of the week, I can be more mobile. I hate being in this state. I felt so lethagic. My house is like having gone through a hurricane and worst tonight YM is bringing me some stuff for my princess's birthday and I guess I really have to blindfold her. If not she will have nightmares after. LOLz. Labels: about life Posted by Precious Moments @ 8:19 AM :: (13) comments
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