Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sleepless in Singapore

I was woken up by my little one. She wet her bed. Guess it was my fault as she drown nearly half a bottle of water just before bedtime and I didn't remind her to release herself before she settle in. So at 4am, I got a little shake. She came to me whispering that she wet her bed. I left my bed like a zoom. Luckily she was on top of her blankie when she wet herself so I don't have to change her sheets. I clean her up and change into a fresh set of nighties and coax her back to sleep. By then, I was wide awake. Another 1 1/2 hours to go before my day begins. This week I had so many plans and ideas but having disturbed sleep doesn't really help much. I hardly can get a peaceful night of sleep. According to Chinese Medical philosophy, my health is weak and thus I get lots of dreams during sleep. To make it worse, I can't sleep early when hubby is away. Somehow, I have difficulty falling asleep when he is not here. When he is around, I usually fell asleep first because his snooring will prevent me from falling asleep. LOLz. (this woman so difficult to please. haiz) I wish at times that I can at least have a peaceful uninterrupted sleep be it sweet or bad dreams. Nevertheless, I was informed by Little Corner of Mine that I have got an award. This is a surprise and especially sweet when you get it in the morning despite a bad night and hectic mid week. Photobucket Definitely a good motivator and a good encouragement as I was thinking of letting go of my blog. Thus I have the another honour of passing this on to : Cook Bake Legacy for her love to her family by creating those special menu. Gattina for displaying her passion and love via those awesome photograph and food styling. Le Petite Boulanger for her love to seek perfection. Food Lover's Journey for her love in life that she does take a moment to appreciate everything that surrounds her besides food.
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