Saturday, January 05, 2008

My first challenge in 2008

Eversince I decided to stay home and become a full time mommy. There isn't much challenges that I face besides the role of parenting. As time goes by, the brain cell also kind of deterioriates. Finally, thanks to my sister's connection and through word of mouth. I finally had a chance to take up a big challenge. My first ever BIG wedding order, at least from someone I don't know and via word of mouth. I was relatively surprised that YM trusted me on her big day with this order as I am really an unknown baker but I guess when she tried my cuppies on her hen's night, a decision was made. The concept of the wedding was a factor that I took into consideration as I am now dealing with not tens but hundreds so sugarcrafting them will be a problem as I am working on it solo. Thanks to my dear friend, K from Australia, her magnificent idea immediately put my unsettled mind at ease. I had such a sweet feeling working on this project then after. K you make my day! Thanks to my dear hubby who so kindly helped me out too with the frosting as well as the delivery. Without you guys, I don't think I can smoothly deliver this project to the bride and groom and the feedback from them was great. Thank you so much. Photobucket
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