Monday, December 03, 2007

mmmmmmmmmmm creamy

The initial plan was to go to C's house for a session of chocolate truffle making. Thus I need to prepare a quick and easy dinner as there will be taekwondo lesson in the night.

Since my kiddos really love mashed potatoes to bits. Don't ask me why, perhaps it doesn't require jaw muscle to complete the task?

I quickly went about to boil the russet potatoes and prepare the beef fillings. Instead of adding butter to the mash, I decided to use the remaining block of cream cheese from the appetiser we had for the BBQ.

I felt guilty constantly throwing out remaining food all the time. Yet I can't find opportunity to make use of leftover egg wash, sour cream, cheeses and etc.

The portion is small for other uses. I haven't got a clue how the mash will turn out. I was hoping that it will be acceptable by my kids as recently I bought some cream cheese donuts, my son simply refused to eat it because he said the cream cheese was yucky.

My son has reached a time whereby he is really picky in his food. Recently he developed a taste for sour plum and he can literally eat up the whole packet!

Maybe it is sugar withdrawal symptom. Anyway, I did an easy beef fillings with some frozen peas and sweet corn.

Next I topped it off with that creamy mash potatoes and finished it off with a layer of mozzarella cheese.

I was relatively surprised that the mash came out really creamy and delicious. Definitely going to make this again in the future.

Here is my Beef Pie.


What you need


Beef slices or minced
Frozen pea
Frozen sweet corn
Yellow onion
Worchesire sauce
salt and pepper

Creamy potatoes mash

Russet Potatoes
Cream cheese
salt and pepper
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