Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Did I made it?

When I injured my wrist many years ago, my passion for pottery died. I was very sad then as I wasn't able to pursue it further. Never did I dreamt that this passion can be rekindled in the form of a sugar dough. Since July 2006 when V introduced this to me, I have been crazy over sugarcraft. From then, it was a journey to many fantasies. Not only it has been a good destresser for me but also I can incorporate it into Cupcake Fantasies, my little cupcake venture. Though I have done many figurines and etc, I always had problem crafting out roses. Perhaps my fingers are not dainty enough? Nevertheless, my determination stays. Sometime I feel that the more I try, the worse it gets. This week, I was involved in a cupcake order that allows me to come up with a theme that ties in with my little venture. My imagination was free to roam. Subconsciously, while crafting the toppers, I managed to produce this. Not that this is a perfect rose but hey, to me, it is the first step. Photobucket What do you think? Pass?
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