Sunday, July 15, 2007

A tough cookie

These few days, we have been spending a lot of time away from home partly because hubby is on the road. I just wanted the kids to expel all their energy before we reached home. *evil grin*

To keep the kids occupied, I have been bringing them out to play since Thursday. Guess might be too much play and not enough rest or because of hygiene on Friday's party.

My son who has always been a tough cookie, is down and out. I once remember him dislodged his elbow when he was only one plus. He didn't even winced until this horrible pair of parents noticed that he is not using his arm when he is climbing up the sofa. Besides the frequent asmathic cough he had, he is generally in pink of health.

When you see him lying down and sleeping...... something is definitely wrong with him and this will show that he is REALLY sick. Not even a slight fever can calm this energetic boy from being active.

So when I realised that my son is sleeping around 9ish ..... something is really wrong. He was burning with a fever and this morning, it is confirmed by the doctor that he caught eye conjunctiva.

I had a strong hunch that it is from the swimming and playground time on Friday as I called my friend and her daughter is also down with the same illness.

Next time, I must insist that he clean himself REAL well. Can't trust a 10 years old to do a good job.

So there goes our Sunday shopping as intended. While my poor baby is sleeping, I decided to bake my long await Hazelnut Macaroons.

Despite the not so good review on using hazelnuts, I went ahead because I had a big jar of it and I just wanted to use it up before it turn rancid. As anticipated I flopped big time. Cracking and no girly feet. Guess it is back to the drawing board for more research and trials.

Will I be like some bakers who are so determined despite 5 - 10 failures still maintain the no die spirit. Well have yet to see. In the meantime, I think my girl and me somehow caught the infection too. Wish us luck!


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