Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 How time flies, it is another Valentine's Day. Today is a really busy day for me, lots of errands to run and also my granny's death anniversary. So I doubt I can plan something romantic. Sorry dear :( . What I feel is that if there is love, everyday is a Valentine's day for us. Right? Anyway, to me, this is a big present for me as I finally get my kitchen up and running especially my baking area. This is a total contrast to my old kitchen which I love dearly but this one has its special place too as it has lots of lights flowing in. Thanks to Harun for giving me the opportunity to design something that can fits into his budget and my requirement. I love to sit in my kitchen with a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine. For all my friends who are keen to see how my new place looks like, let me present you FIRST with my kitchen. I will post the other part of the house shortly. Sorry no Valentine's day cake or present to show but NEVERTHELESS, wishing all dear to me, A HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Posted by Precious Moments @ 10:09 AM :: (8) comments
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