Monday, April 09, 2007

I am on top of the world

Many weeks ago, I was down in a book store browsing a new arrival. The usual me, I always give a second thoughts before I purchase something. Call me cheap or thrifty or whatever but that is my principle. For me, a hasty buy always end up being a white elephant unless it is really GREAT buy so to make sure I really wanted it, I waited. After much consideration, I decided to buy that book. Checked with the staff and they told me that that was the last copy and it should be on the shelf! but alas! it was no where to be found. I went home dejected even though the staff told me that they had placed order but they are not sure when the shipment is arriving. I told J about my encounter at the book store and guess what, a few days later, her sister in law from Australia rang and asked her what she wanted. Sweet J, thinking about me, told her about this book. A few days later, her sister in law rang again to say that she got it. J was so happy that she couldn't wait to break the news to me. I of course was on cloud 9 when I heard the news. Yipee!!! I spent the Good Friday waiting and waiting for the long weekend to be over so that I can meet up with J. It is such a beautiful book! and guess what, that very same weekend, the staff from that book shop rang and said that they found the book!!! Well, too bad, I got mine. In my appreciation, I baked J some tartlets as she gave that book to me as a gift. I have used my trusted tart crust and decided to try out V's Vanilla Pudding custard. It is indeed yummy and best of all, I don't have to really use so much eggs for this. Thanks V! Thanks J and your sister in law! I will bake something from that book and share it with you soon. In the meantime, hope you like these. Photobucket Bought these tartlet tins some time back but didn't really have the chance to use them. Finally, got the time to slowly mould them. Photobucket What you need 400ml milk 3 tbsp corn starch 5 tbsp sugar 2 eggs 3 tbsp unsalted butter 1 tsp vanilla essence Method Mix eggs with sugar, cornstarch with the milk in a pot. Place over medium heat, mixing continuously and bring to boil. When bubbles appeared at the side of the pot, cook exactly 1 min. Remove from heat and stand for 5 minutes. Mix in butter and flavour. Place in individual serving and serve with fresh fruits. Labels: dessert Posted by Precious Moments @ 6:34 PM :: (10) comments
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