Monday, August 14, 2006

Can you run now?

Old myth is that by drinking Chicken Feet with Peanuts soup, your legs tend to strengthen and thus able to run fast. I remembered when I was young, I drank alot.

Wondering how come it didn't turn me into an athlete. The original of this soup is using chicken feets.

As I don't fancy chicken feets, I used chicken meat instead. So here is my version of Chicken with Peanuts soup.

Now let's hope my kids will do a better job than me.



What you need

Half Chicken
200g Lean Pork
300g Fresh peanuts
10g dried golden mushrroms
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  1. Actually the whole idea of having strong legs comes from the nutrients of the soup which derives from the chicken feet cartilages that contains collagen (joints vitamins). Oophs ... Looks like peanuts alone won't do:D Same concept works for Braised pig trotter in black vinegar (confinement recipe)

  2. Wow.. Edith, where do we get the Fresh Peanuts from? And what is golden mushroom in chinese? Thanks...

  3. Thanks Audrey Cooks for the information. You are very knowledgeable. So mine didn't work :(

    Ellena mummy, I don't know the chinese name but I have encl a pic of the mushroom. I got the fresh peanuts from the supermarket.

  4. Aiyo pai sei lah! Edith. This is the first time I see dried golden mushrooms. Do they taste the almost the same as dried shiitake mushrooms?

  5. very nutrious sounding! Looks great too

  6. picture of the finished product? First time for me to see the dried golden mushroon too.

  7. Sorry all, I was down and out for a few days. Hmm.... I didn't make a comparison as I haven't taken peanut and chicken soup for a long time.

    Thanks Diddy.

    Ching, no finished product as didn't have a chance to take a pix. The mushroom was given to me by my mom (from her China trip) but I saw this avail in Chinatown too.

  8. Edith, I remember my boyfriend (now husband) his awe face when he saw those chicken feet hang from my mouth ... They don't make so much flavor than chicken meat in soup, but I like both.


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