Monday, August 14, 2006

Faith in friendship

Lately not feeling on top of the world. After a stressful weekend two weeks' ago, I thought my life will more or less goes as planned. Unfortunately, I had to make a decision in forsaking the Healthy Eating Course that I was attending. It hurts me to forego the chance but at the end of the day, my family will have to come first. I also have to face many challenges in the future and luckily, I got some good distraction. Someone who is so unselfish in sharing her knowledge and experiences, that seems to draw me out of my box. Good to break some routine in my life and best of all, acquiring new knowledge. Once again, I am able to open up to new friendship and new things. The feeling of able to talk to someone who is so unbias renew my faith in friendship. Let's hope that I can pick things up from where I left them and continue to strive for better days. Inspired by L, here is my Durian Strudel. I cheated on the puff pastry as this is a store bought. Next round, I will try to attempt the "real" ones. Photobucket
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  1. Edith,

    I'm sure your family and friends will give you all the support you need. Don't ever give up okay?

  2. aiyo! puff pastry is a killer to make from scratch! well if anyone can pull this through, it would be you. BTW, looks like a very delicious strudel. Hmmm love it!

  3. Thanks Angie.

    Audrey Cooks, Thanks for the compliment. I cheated. I got those ready made puff pastry. I just heard that you got to get a special rolling pin to do a great job and it cost S$130!!!

  4. AH! S$130 my gosh! I think folding the pastry alone takes like forever.

  5. Ooo.. I'm looking forward to your recipe. :D


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