Thursday, June 08, 2006

Growing up

My little girl has been attending ballet since the begining of this year. Well, the doctor certainly had given me a good advice in putting her through this rather than the boring therapy. It has helped with her development and I am so glad. She is having so much fun and just last week, we witnessed a little performance by her class. I don't know how many parents out there that went through this emotion. I sat there watching and my heart was overfilled with joy that I nearly cried. How my little princess has grown! Photobucket
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  1. You take such cute pictures of your daughter. I, also, like the one you showed earlier when you and your son went looking for her cuz it was so quiet.

  2. Dear Edith

    Im so glad you decided to continue blogging. When I noticed that ur blog had disappeared, I was so devastated,cos I love reading your posts and ur recipes are wonderful.

    Remember not to give up hope no matter what..cos things will always turn around for the better

    - Amrita

  3. I thought I lost your blog. Glad that it is back. Thank you.

  4. Hi Edith! found you again phew! missing your creative blog sooo much.

  5. Why, what's wrong with your girl? Does she have autism? Why does she need therapy?

  6. She doesn't have autism but some footing problem. It has since been corrected.


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