Thursday, June 15, 2006

Away and back

I had such a wonderful short break. Spent some very good quality time with my family and catching up with some friends which were really good. Weather was great as well as shopping and eating too.

I stayed in a hotel that was nice and new, the kids enjoyed hanging out by the pool as well. With its close proximity to a few malls and abundant full of restaurants within walking distance, this hotel away from the hustle and bustle of city life is really a good choice.

Of course, I must have my "never leave without it" noodles and my Sun Moulin's chocolate roll! Though this is not my favourite stall, this black noodles was able to satisfy my craving.

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as well as this Oyster Omelette.


I haven't had this kind of shell fish (la la) for a long time. Brings back memories from the old days where we went "digging" for them at the beach. Surprisingly my son (first time eating this) love it so much that he nearly ate all.


Of course my favourite from Sun Moulin, Chocolate Roll. Don't seems to see this anymore in our local one or was it wrong timing when I dropped by.

Well, this roll is heavenly. I love the soft bread encrusted with this rich chocolatey fillings.

Anyone knows how to baked this?


Boy, don't I love holidays. It is so relaxing and best of all, my hubby is able to share the babysitting with me and he was so sweet to extend our little short break to a little longer.

Really appreciate this little gesture of his.
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  1. Welcome back Edith!!!

    Wow, Sun moulin, I love their choux pastry, they call it "cookies Choux pie" . Glad to know you had a great time.


  2. Edith, glad to see you have enjoyed your holiday :)


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