Friday, November 18, 2005

A surprise party

As time constraint, I couldn't plan a on-time birthday party for Min who is back visiting. So this is a one week old belated birthday party that a few of us organised for her. As I have been helping out at my son's school, I didn't have the time to cook up a storm so my buddies are really nice and each brought some goodies to share. Josh was the first to turn up and he gave me a lovely pot of plant. (*blush*) I forgotten the name! sorry Josh! He also brought along with him Banana Muffins. Lena was really generous with her time and effort, she brought along a pot of Tau Fah and Curry Chicken. Min, not knowing that this is a surprise party for her, she got some Black Forest Tim Tam. As I am writing this, I just realised that I didn't even had a taste of it!!! As for me, my contribution was supposedly to be the birthday cake. I attempted a new Steam Chocolate Cake recipe. Unfortunately, it didn't turned out the way I wish and due to lack of time I didn't get it frosted too. (Personally, I still prefers Jo's). Even though this was meant to be Hi Tea session, we ended up chatting till 10pm. It was really a very good evening and but I felt like I have known these people for a long long time. I am sure we all enjoyed each other's company very much by the end of the night. Once again, Happy Belated Birthday Min! Photobucket
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  1. The plant is Episcia Raspberry Blush. Remember to water it from the bottom twice a week max. (Put in on a water filled saucer for 15 mins, it will absorb allt he water it needs, anything leftover is excess, can throw) Water only when the pot feels light hor! Hopefully the flower bud developing will flower soon~

  2. I just watered this morning, hopefully it will not give up under my care. waiting to see it bloom.

  3. Edith... Looking at this post, it warmed me up. I missed all my friends in sg even more... U guys are great and Min is lucky!

  4. Edith... This post warmed me up! I missed my friends in SG even more... So sweet of u guys and Min is so lucky. :)

  5. wow what a spread u guys have, how I wish I could join in! I'm sure u guys had a great time together! Cool :)

  6. Wah so nice! Glad you all had a great time. Good food with great company, what can beat that! Yum!


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