Saturday, November 19, 2005

A good outcome

I have been helping out to decorate my son's school since Thursday. Together with some mommies, we were put in charge of "beautifying" the receiving area for the VIP for the school open house. This day coincidence with Primary 1 orientation and Learning Day. It was meant to start at 12:30pm. By 9am, the crowd has already gathered round. The carnival like atmosphere was really great. I was also in charge of selling some books and teddy bears and was pretty pleased with my selling skills (surprised that I still didn't lose it after staying home for the past two and half years). There was also a special segment to showcase some of the kids work for the year. As my hubby missed this event, I took some pictures to show him what our son had done. Photobucket Photobucket
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  1. wow! jerome got a good command of english.....

  2. So touched ya! :) U must be very proud of Jerome!

  3. how sweet of jerome to show his appreciation :)


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