Friday, July 29, 2005

Good bye

After a long illness, my dear "trusted" PC decided to bid me farewell yesterday. I am down and out without a computer. In the morning, I am so used to checking my mails and latest news, I felt so handicapped now without my tool. Now I feel so helpless because it will mean that I have lost those fabulous site addresses that I have collected over the months for recipes, blogs and knowledge. Also, I won't be able to print out exciting recipes that I wanted to try out this weekend or download that something special that I have created. I have to start bargain hunting to get the best deal in town. But in the meantime, What am I do to now?
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  1. Edith, I was wondering why you've been silent for awhile. Sorry to hear that your "trusty PC" as passed on. Hopefully you'll be able to retrieve your directories from the hard drive so you won't lose everything. Also, hope you'll be able to purchase another PC that you like and become your new friend. In the meantime, keep on trucking, keep a photo record and let us know later what you've been up to. Take care. -lance

  2. edith

    PC may be dead, but hard disk stuff can be recovered. If you desperately need your data back, let me know. I hope you didn't junk the PC into the trash yet.

  3. Thanks for the concern Gina, my hubby's friend is coming to my rescue. My PC is going to the "hospital" tomorrow to see whether it can be resuscitated.

  4. edith, no charge lah, to retrieve your data. for friends only. :)


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