Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So sweet

Was up in Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. It didn't end up as a fantastic short getaway as my little one and I were down with a nasty cough and cold. The consolation was my hubby's business partner, KC bought me my favourite KL Or Mee when my hubby was out entertaining his client. Photobucket I have tried the one near to Chinatown (which I posted some time back) but this particular stall has always been my favourite. Another sad news is that I didn't get to meet up with Jo because I didn't ask for her telephone number! Sorry Jo.
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  1. I just got to know you were here on Sunday. Too late then...tried calling your no..but it's not roaming..

  2. I forgot to give you my hp no. Sorry, edith. Didn't know your hubby's surname too. Can't dig you out from Corus :p

  3. No sweat ladies, I was sick too. As for the roaming thing, I didn't realised till Monday!!!

  4. Is the Or Mee similar to Hokkien Mee?? It looks so tasty, anyone has the recipe?

  5. Post your question at NK. I think Don got the recipe.

  6. Edith,

    You are sick?? Hope you get well soon. I was sick too after the trip to Penang..I guess it's the season now.

    Nvm, Edith..I am sure you would come here again..else can meet in Singapore ;)

  7. <--NK


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