Saturday, June 11, 2005

Another round

One of my hubby's favourite is Hokkien Mee. Whenever we dined at Whampoa Food Centre, this is one dish that he never failed to order.

I have learned to fry Hokkien Mee from my friend, H who is a good cook.

Verdict: It turned out really yummy.


Hokkien Mee
What you need

1/2 kg prawns (deshelled and deveined) (keep head and shell for stock)
1 fish cake (sliced thin) - I opted for this because my family don't take squids
Bee Hoon (coarse type)
Yellow Noodle
Minced garlic


Season prawns with sesame oil, pepper and a light dash of soya sauce

Stir fry prawns and fish cakes till prawns is cooked. Remove.

Add a little oil and fry minced garlic till fragrant.

Put in Bee Hoon and Yellow Noodle and stir till garlic is spread evenly with noodle.

Add stock, prawns and fish cakes into noodle and bring to boil. Stirring occassionally.

Lastly, put in vegetable and served once vegetable is cooked.

What you need for the stock

1/2 kg of prawn heads and shell
1/2 bulb of garlic
fish sauce


Add prawn head and shell and garlic and boil for an hour. Season with fish sauce.

Our Dessert

After last night Mango Ice-cream Mochi, my son request for another round of it. Since I bought a punnet of strawberry yesterday, I try my hand at Strawberry dipped chocolate Mochi.

It was really good because this batch of strawberry is sweet and nice. Goes very well with the dark chocolate and the mochi skin.


What you need

For the dough, I cut the sugar to half as the chocolate itself is already sweet.

Method Chilled strawberry and dipped into melted chocolate.

Wait till set. Wrap as per ice cream mochi. If you like it cold, chilled it in air tight container.
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  1. you have been busy, edith. very delicious looking hokkien mee


  2. can i shift to ur hse? drool...


  3. Carisa, alamak, your hubby can cook better than I!!!!! I should be the one to move over to your place.

  4. Came across your website. Like your simplicity presentation/
    description of recipes. May I ask what Bee Hoon is?

  5. Wendy, thanks for dropping by.

    If you refer to the picture, it is the white noodle.

  6. Came across your website. Like your simplicity presentation/
    description of recipes. May I ask what Bee Hoon is?


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