Thursday, November 15, 2012

A break

Been working really hard for the past 10 odd months and it is time for me to take a break.  

I also have been thinking of re-looking into my objective for this blog as I am not sure whether from next year onward, I will omit all my parenting woes and write strictly on tried and tested recipes.

It is hard for me to talk just about food and not my parenting after 7 long years as this was how Precious Moments got started.  An outlet for me, as a parent to release bottled up frustration in dealing with the day to day responsibility.  I am also getting tired of being judged all the time by readers out there.  To understand exactly how I pull through each day, one has to be in my shoes to understand.

If the decision is to just talk about food, then Precious Moments will come to a closure. 

After all, be it good or bad, they are part of me and they are all, precious moments in my life.  It also represent me a mom and as a wife.

Blogging is still very part of me as it did help me in my learning curve, thus, if I take this route, then a new blog will be born. 

All these are just ideas brewing in my mind so I am taking this one month break to give myself some time to see a better and clearer picture moving forward.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving.

Till then, Arriverdeci.

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  1. Awwwww Edith ! I'll definitely miss your post , woes :D and all if you'll stop blogging !

  2. Hi Edith, this is your blog, I guess whatever you want to pen down is up to you, be it just recipe or about parenting, dun let some unsensative ones affecting you.

    I enjoy reading your post, I totally understand what you have been thru cos I am mother myself, me too have a not easy to handle child that giving me a lot of headaches. Go take a break and come back with fresh mind, do share with us whatever you want to pen down, we will always be here with you. Take care!

  3. Hi Edith, it has being long years of 7 and indeed it's good to take a short break and be back with more cooking/baking ideas or etc. Hope you would enjoy your break, take some time off with your family, loved ones and friends. It's such a joy and experience learning to read on your posts.

    Keep that passion up! Take care pal.

  4. hi Edith, i hope i still can see Precious Moments's postings in the future - sharing about your yummy food, being a mum and parent, too

    we parents learn each other by sharing, and yes, letting out frustration keeps our sanity :)
    never mind those itchy mouth people out there, they're always around no matter what we do - perhaps that's how they show that they care LOL

    happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your break :)

  5. Hi Edith,
    I visit your blog every now and then. I enjoy the food and recipes. But sometimes I wonder what would happen if your son reads what you have written about him. If you are willing to put your emotions for the public to read, you must be willing to accept whatever opinion they have, not necessary agreeing with what they write.
    There are always people so much worse of than you. Everyone have their challenges.

  6. Hi Edith.
    ,I visit your blog quite often. I enjoy reading about food and recipes. But I sometimes wonder what would happen if your son reads what you write about him. If you put your emotions for the public to read, you must be willing to accept they opinion. I don't mean agreeing with them but it is their opinion. If you are just looking for support then talk to a friend.
    I do not know your full situation but there are always people worse of than you and better off. Quote from Wayne Dyer "When you start looking at situations differently, situations start to look different". Do not wait for something terrible to happen before you feel gratitude for what you have, health, wealth and happiness is your choice.

  7. Hi Edith , sad to read this post of yours. I'll miss your sharing on the happiness and woes as a mother, as well as all the yummy recipes. Hope to see your next post, real soon.

  8. Looking forward to your coming back one month later! Happy Holiday!

  9. hi edith, i think probably you have been putting too much pressure on yourself. It's absolutely alright to write about your parenting issues as a way to let go..i hope we bloggers wont get much affected by whatever remarks made by readers ..infact i think no one can judge us. I know it's hard..but whatever your directions your blog is heading, just to let you know that you still got a friend here ..and i know there will be many many out there who will be supporting you as well.

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  11. hi edith, hope all is going well with you. Coming by to wish you Merry christmas and have a wonderful time with your family!

  12. Oh no, really? Gosh already missing you and your posts! Regardless, I'm sure it's really not an easy decision. Thanks to you and Precious Moments for being such an inspiration all these years! Yes, your blog was one of them that inspired me to start mine! Please keep us posted if you do start posting again! ;) Stay healthy and strong!


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