Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fish paste omelette roll

My mom used to complain that she is tired of thinking up the menu daily.  I can't blame her as she has to cook two main meals a day.

During her era she doesn't have the internet as inspiration.  I am blessed in a way that I have many friends who love to bake and cook and they are my inspiration!  Thanks gals!

I have tried buying fish paste at the supermarket before and I hated it.  When we were young, mom will travel all the way to Chinatown wet market to get 西刀鱼肉 which is my favourite.  I remembered those are really fresh and there is always a queue for it.  

While checking out my facebook, I saw someone posted this fish paste omelette roll and it looks yummy.  Since my kids love omelette, I decided to give this a try from the usual uninspiring recipe that we always used.  Thanks to AL who pointed out to me where I can get some decent fish paste. 

My girl had fun helping out frying the omelette and dicing the onions and chillies.  

Indeed a nice change from the boring omelette that I used to prepare for the family.

Next on the list was an impromptu decision to do a steam dish.   My family is not really tuned to eating much steamed food (only have to blame myself) but I am glad that they were happily lapping up this Steamed Pork Patties with pickle vegetable 冬菜 !

Sorry for the poor lighting as it was getting dark by the time I finished cooking.

Am really exciting as my little one will be done with her exam by tomorrow!  Yes, time to start planning fun activities to do.

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  1. Fish paste omelette roll looks good. Can share where to buy good fish paste? Near our house I hope. :p
    I agree, cooking up two meals a day can be a challenge, even though I don't cook.

    1. PAB, I got mine from Toa Payoh Market. The one near blk 123.

  2. Hi Edith,
    Fish paste omelette roll looks great!
    I was reading this recipe that day in a bookshop, sounds good. Your steam pork patties with pickles is also one of my childhood favourite..:)


  3. that's a fresh idea of that fish paste omelette! did you fry the omelette first and then put the fish paste in and steam later?

  4. Actually I saw this quite sometime but never really gotten to doing it till now as my last time using supermarket fish paste was horrible. Yes you got the method correct. But I fried it after steaming to crispy the omelette a bit.


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