Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Taking shape

Some supporters of my little blog actually wrote to me, asking about my well being. Really thanks for your concern, I am well. Just that now I am extremely busy and nursing a swollen finger from too much washing.

My new nest is finally taking shape and you won't believe how much little details that needed our attention even though we paid for a service that oversees the whole operation. Since this is a house we lived in and not renting out, it became important that we ensure that it meets our needs. Seriously, I can become a house planner (just like a wedding planner) after this project. Lolz.

I was thankful that after the last counselling session, my son had improved tremendously. He became more sensible and self motivated. Now he will hit the books first before play. Thus I was able to focus more on the house than him. I seriously love this counsellor!

So you thought that my life should be smoother right? Well, no! You see, all these while, I never involved my helper with the new house until two weekends ago. I got her to help me clean up the house for A DAY and only TWO bedrooms. The very next day, she actually approached hubby and said she wanted to break contract! (only left three months with us!)

I was really disappointed because this news came at a time whereby I am so busy. I have to squeeze in whatever time I had to search for a new maid.

By God's grace, despite the tight market availability for new helpers, I found one! I also realised that my current maid lied to us saying that we are her second employer in Singapore. In fact, she has been breaking contract and we are her third employer.

Okay so much for my what’s happenings…..

The following is a post that was long overdue.

Thanks to hubby, I was able to attend an event that was hosted by Very Short International Film Festival (VSIFF) on 4 April. VSIFF, which originated from Paris, France in 1999 debuted in Singapore in 2010 as part of the French Voilah! Season.

Its debut received an enthusiastic response from film makers and film lovers thus giving rise to the introduction of “special categories” in its second and third run in Singapore.

I get a glimpse of some of the submissions and am amazed by the creativity that one can produce in 3 mins.

From primary school to tertiary, schools are invited to participate. This year, they received 170 local entries as compared to last year of 51! I feel happy that more young Singaporeans are getting into Arts. It is also a good experience for the finalists to get some international exposure.

While I was there, I saw a team of secondary school kids and I am happy that they were given a chance to view what others had to offer. This beats textbook teaching anytime. Who says that learning has to be class room bounded?

Personally, I feel that the limited excursion the kids go to annually is not enough. Kids learnt best by their senses and bringing them out to immense in the surrounding is far better than sitting in a boxed up room!

To my knowledge, some primary schools already have photography club and I hope they can branched out into videography as well. The earlier we exposed these kids, the better for our future. At least this is my personal thought.

Let’s hope next year, VSIFF can enlist more primary and secondary schools for submission. It will be interesting to see how these little ones can come up with.

For those interested, the Festival screenings will take place on 11, 12 and 13 May 2012 in Alliance Francaise, Singapore.
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