Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spinach Bun with Garlic Cheese

First of all, many thanks for all your concern comments and emails. I really appreciated your love.

I promised my girl that I will bake her some buns for her to snack after her swimming lesson on Tuesday but due to lack of sleep for the past days, I simply can’t summed up the energy to do it.

As a child, she was naturally disappointed that I didn’t bake her any buns but she was understanding enough of my health issue and didn’t pester me for it.

I decided to take a day break from the medication as I can't really function without sleep for so many days. Finally I was able to take a nap and feeling a little stronger.

With some leftover bacons left in the fridge and I bought a new pack of cheddar cheese, the perfect combination will to make some Spinach Bun with Garlic Cheese. This is also my first using vegetable as flavouring. We also have spinach and it is really nice to incorporate spinach into bread.

The dough was really tough to handle. It was extremely sticky. I tried kneading it by hand and as well as machine. Being a Chinese recipe book, instructions are normally vague. So I wasn’t sure what they meant by glossy. Decided to just give it a shot, dump the dough into a bowl and let it sit for 30 mins.

I was expecting the worst but voila, it rose nicely!

I should have brown the bacon more so that the oil is “filtered” out before placing it onto the bun.

Overall, I really like the texture. Soft and with the saltiness of the bacon and cheese and a hint of garlic. Sedap!

So a little delayed in my promise but better late than never isn’t it?

Source: Genki Japanese Bread

What you need:

Water roux

50g cake flour
150g water


Combine and cook till steam appears. Approx 65 Degree.

Done when cake flour mixture thickens to thin batter.

Cool before use.


250g bread flour
20g sugar
20g butter
10g milk powder
100g water roux starter
60g spinach puree (puree 40g spinach with 80g water)


2tsp garlic paste
8 strips bacon, chopped (brown it slightly to remove excess oil)
2 tsp mayonnaise
50g grated cheese

Glaze, beaten egg for brushing


Combine dough ingredients. Knead until glossy and smooth. Proof for 30 mins.

Punch down and cut dough into 60g each. Roll to shape. Proof for 45 mins.

Pipe garlic paste on top. Sprinkle bacon and grated cheese. Then pipe mayonnaise.

Gently brush with egg glaze before baking.

Baked at 220 deg for 10 mins.
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  1. Your gal must be very happy to see her long-awaited buns !! Lovely looking spinach buns there..

  2. Joyce, she did. When she saw it she was already "reserving" it for fear that her brother will eat all.

  3. These looks wonderfully delicious ! ;D I bet your girl love these !

  4. yup better late than never :) and the spinach buns look really good! definitely bookmarking this to try as i love my buns to have natural coloring :)


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