Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Milk Bread / Semur Daging

Today is day 2 of the school break. Son didn't need to attend training today as he is going for Bread Run, a charity activity organised by the church. I was supposed to go for it as well but he was strongly against me going.

Anyway, I was trying to control my temper for the whole morning. After I settled coaching my girl and our lunch, to distract my attention, I went to bake bread. I chose to half knead by hand and half knead by machine. Definitely a good way to sweat out all the frustration!

The dough rose so beautifully and I was pretty happy with it. After the third proofing, I begin to worry a little. For it doubled too much. Luckily I used a pullman tin so the dough was pretty much contained.

Dump the loaf inside the oven and went on to bring my girl for her eye check. Though my optician felt that it is not necessary for her to wear glasses, he relented as he felt that my girl wasn't train to read small font. I love my optician, he is honest and doesn't recommend when he feels there is not a need.

When we got back, I was very excited when I found out the bread baked nicely. The texture was so nice and fluffy with a hint of buttery taste.

I am glad that I modified this recipe as I felt that our milk is not creamy enough.

So care to share with me a slice of my Milk Bread?

Despite my success with the bread, I had a lumpy feel in my throat.

My son blacked out again and fell backwards while I was out. I was told of this accident by my helper. I immediately went on to check on him. He had this nasty big bump at the back of his head.

I am very concern now as this is not the FIRST time. In fact, this is the THIRD time!

Sometime I felt so frustrated with him. Told him to cut down on sweets, chocolate, soft drinks and snacks but he just simply ignored me. It is hard to control a 15 years old as he has his own money to buy whatever he wants. Telling him to eat more for proper meals and he will just ignored me. He will skip breakfasts, skip lunches so that he will have more time to play soccer.

I am so worried about his health. I am worried that he might get diabetes. I even list down the consequences if he caught this disease but all turned a deaf ear.

I have to send him for an overall body check up and hopefully, nothing serious.

Please pray for him. Thank you.

Since I have some beef in the fridge, I chose once again a Malay dish. Never tasted Semur Daging before and I was curious. Another tasty dish that goes well with rice.

Modified from 人气和风面包

Milk Bread

Yield a big loaf (pullman tin 12")

What you need:

500g bread flour
8g yeast
2 egg yolks
200g water
30g butter
60g potato flour
80g sugar
150g fresh milk
50g whipping cream
20g condensed milk


Combine everything and knead till it past window test. Put in a greased bowl and let it, clingwrap and proof for 30 mins.

Take dough out and punch out the gas. Put it back into the bowl and proof another 30 mins.

Divide the dough into 4 portions. Roll to shape and place in a Pullman tin. Proof for another 45 mins or until 1.5 times its original size.

Baked for 20 mins at 200ºC.
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  1. That's good bread and yummy beef!
    It's advisable for your son to go for a thorough medical check-up to ease your mind. Will keep him in my prayers. Shalom!

  2. Thanks Busygran for your prayers. Yes trm I am bringing him to the doctor.

  3. Hi Edith, love the bread texture and your Semur daging.

    for your son condition, have you bring him for checking, I meant not the normal checking but blood test, it'll find out whether he has anemia or not.

  4. oh dear... did you bring your son to the doctor during the first two times when he fainted?

  5. Ah Tze, yah I am getting a full body check up for him. Let's hope it is anemia and not something serious.

    Alan, the first two times, I thought it might be over exhaustion from the soccer training. Now that he is home whole day and didn't do any strenous exercise except sleeping and PSP and that got me very concern.

  6. Hope your son is not having anything serious. Will pray for him.
    Btw, lovely milk loaf you got there! Interesting that it uses potato flour in the dough. ;) Will try it out one of these days, thanks!

  7. Just to let you know if it is anemia, you need to further check for thelesimia.

  8. Oh dear! That didn't sound good. Really need to bring him to do a thorough check. It's not normal to faint just like that. I hope it's really nothing serious. Take care.
    Btw, that bread really looks good! I shall try it.

  9. Hope your boy's doing good :) Will include him in my prayers and you , too ! Re bread , all I can say is WOW !!! Looks like some professional baker baked it ;D

  10. Tks Bee, he seems ok now but I will still bring for a check up. Hubby thinks he spent too long hours lying down.

    I tried this also becoz of the potato flour. Hehe

    Yes Ah Tze tks for telling me. I really hope not serious.

    Tks Anne for yr prayers.

  11. Hope your son's doing good. God will bless him.

  12. My 15 year old is the same at the moment. He skips proper meals but eats sweets, snacks, sweet drinks, coffee latte etc all the time (even in bed). He skips lunch at school sometimes so that he could play football. I'm going crazy...


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