Thursday, February 09, 2012

Nian Gao Fritter

It is not my tradition to buy Nian Gao for Lunar New Year. This sweet sticky cake is not a hot favourite with my kids. I bought one small one just to make the Nian Gao Rolls weeks ago.

Then JY gave me another three, 1 big and two small so now I have so many nian gao left. Then I realised that I bought a yam as well. Now don’t ask me why too for I can’t remember. So back to tradition method, Nian Gao Fritters!

This snack is great when eaten hot as it has a nice crisp to it. I also love the fluffy yam that goes with it. A nice balance to overcome the sweetness of Nian Gao.

Now I am wondering how else to finish off the rest of the Nian Gao. Perhaps I would follow Anncoo's Journal's and just coat it with freshly grated coconut.

Time really flies. Today is a rest day for my daughter and me. No tuition day as I call it.

Today, I read with interest on the topic that was published in the Straits Times.

Basically it boiled down to our Education System. The high demand they wanted from our children thus resulted in Kiasu and kiasi parents (a local term we used for being paranoid)

I attended a workshop held by the school last Friday and I felt so disgusted and left the school.

The expectation from this education system is simply nonsensical. No wonder the kids lost their childhood. No wonder more are seeking psychiatrist’s help.

During my son’s time, we refused to succumb. We let our son have a good childhood by playing. Sad to say, when it comes to my daughter’s turn, we relented. Not because we wanted a top soccer but because her confidence level was greatly affected by the system.

Seeing how she is living her life, I felt so heart pain for her. She basically has no life, yet if I don’t give her that help. She was turning into some one who is insecure. She felt so demoralised when she can’t attempt questions that was given in class!

After giving her that extra help, I have noticed a vast improvement from her attitude towards that particular subject. She is now enjoying it.

Thus I felt so torn.

Personally, it really boils down to our school system – sieving the cream of the crop to become future leaders. I really think this is a heavy price to pay and at the expense of many Singaporeans.

Have you any idea what this so called banding (basic and foundation) will do to these children? Have you ever wonder why the government is building bigger and grander ITE? Have you ever wonder how come so many teachers are quitting their profession and turned into entrepreneurs?

Coincidentally, I just got to know a successful lawyer who is uprooting and heading off to Australia. His reason is that it is just too painful to see his kids going through this education system.

Sad isn’t it?

What you need:

Nian Gao (sliced)
Yam (sliced thinnly)


150g rice flour
30g tapioca starch
2 tsp corn flour
1 tsp salt
1 egg
Water - to add till you get a thick batter form.
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  1. Ya nowadays kids are under so much pressure to perform. If they dont, they lose their confidence and think themselves as failure. Not only kids.....even in the working world, there are so many challenges faced by them. Haizz...the competition to do well never stops.

  2. i'm not sure abt the education in sg but over here in msia, our education system is..dont what to say. at times i feel that the children are like guinea pigs, the gvt change their system whenever they like, they implement this and that, scrap this and that..and i feel that it's leading to a low quality education. Haaiz...:(

  3. Edith, no doubt my son is still in Nursery but I can feel the pain on what you have mentioned in this post. I really hope, my son no need to go through this. I want him to be happy and enjoy his childhood.

  4. I was about to say what lena has said. :) But she is being too sweet, i'll just come out and say that our system sucks because the level has receded soooo much and people r still complaining about it. And some even stoop to use the race card issue. Appalling. Im draggin my feet when it comes to my son's education, important as it is, given a choice i would home-school him myself but having to do it all with no help, dun know if i'll have the patience. :P

  5. Hi Edith, my exact sentiments. Really very sad indeed!

  6. OMG, that is one terrific treat! I love the textures.



  7. mettateoh, I pity the kids, these days, it is hard to come by someone who don't sent their kids to tuition centres.

    lena, singapore is not much diff from Mal. Ours are also guinea pigs. We are now into the basic and the foundation mode. Wonder when they realised that this is stupid and will abolish it eventually. You literally condemn a later bloomer in their early age.

    Ah Tze, I too wanted my child to have a chilhood and thus didn't join in the bandwagon till she is in end P3! A decision that I dreaded and hated but seeing my child lost her confidence pains me.

    Sharon @ Feats of Feasts, here in Singapore, I heard of pple who home schooled their children but I think I read somewhere that at the end of the path, the child will not be access fairly with a one that attends school.

    LittleHands, yes. Unfortunately parents can't come together to send the same msg to our govt.

    Thanks Rosa.

  8. I've been resisting all calls to get them tutors thus far and I don't even follow their homework. They play a lot for kids their age. Not sure if it's a good idea, but I just do not have the heart to kill their childhood even if it would be for their future good.

    And I love your niangao! I should finish up the bit left in my fridge too.

  9. I feel like doing the lawyer thing too.

  10. Beau Lotus, I too was sticking to my belief till girl was in P3. Somehow, I found her inferiority complex got worsen. Thus now no choice but join the bandwagon.

    I told her we can stop anytime once she feels she is ready.

    petunialee, I had this thought two years ago too. Somehow, the thought of starting all over again deters mine. I am not that young for such stuff.


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