Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Routine

Starting next week, my girl's life as a student will be jam packed with activities once again. Tuitions, CCAs and homework will take control over her life.

As this year will be her streaming year, I told her that she really needed to work harder than last year. I am happy to see that she is happily motivated. For the past one week, she had been really diligent and had such great attitude towards her goal that she puts me to shame with my lack of motivation.

To make a better role model, I decided that I wanted to take on a new hobby and that is crochet, pilate and hopefully learnt a piece of piano score. Hopefully with these, it will distract me further from my constant pain of seeing my son ruining his life. Yes, I am that helpless now.........

In the blogging world of baking, Alex Goh's recipes books are pretty well received. The success rates of his recipes are good too.

Though I owned his series of books but I never really attempted any of his recipes. Well don't ask me why. Perhaps I am more enticed by the pictures than the actual work.

I had read great reviews on this recipe's success rate but unfortunately, I don't know why I am otherwise.

While doing this one, somehow I think my hands were stained with oil for the egg whites just couldn't peak up. Three egg whites down the bin. Redo.

That is not the end of it ....... Perhaps I over boiled the milk mixture, perhaps I folded the egg white into the lukewarm cheese batter way too early ...

The cake actually rose beautifully but once out of the oven ……. I guess this cake reflect my exact sentiment right now.

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  1. hey Edith. This happened to me when I tried his recipe too. Don't know why. Have not re-tried it since. Jia you with your crochet and pilates. I need to find motivation to get back to knitting and yoga too....

  2. NEL, yours too. So it is not me and my mood. Yes I am really looking forward to my pilates. Just gotten a call from them that it will only starts on 1 Feb. Haiz.... As for crocheting, I want to do a small table mat for a start. Wish me luck.

  3. sorry to hear abt the cake here but it's nice to learn that you're taking on some activities..i hope i can start to do a lil bit of exercise too..well well..i say only but always ended doing no exercise!

  4. Jia you with your new hobbies, Edith! It is always a good thing to find something that interests you and can cheer yourself up in times of darkness. I have also tried pilates - it's a really nice way to just relax and wind down. Hope you like it.
    I haven't tried baking this type of cheesecake before but it's on my (looooooong) list! haha. Hope it's a success next time you try.

  5. Did your cake "break" before or after you remove it from the pan??? Try leaving the cake on the pans for 5 mins before you take it out. Not sure if it really works for you :///

  6. Lena ever since I had a slipped disc. I become very paranoid when I exercise. Also if I walk too long or stand too long, I get cramps in the nite. haizz.... let's hope pilate will not give me this problem.

    Hi Dumpling Love, thanks. I hope I will like pilates and I am definitely looking forward.

    Teddy, the cake collapsed in the pan. :(


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