Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the way

After visiting our counsellor in IMH, I decided to swing over to Jln Kayu and visit my favourite Otah stall and prata stall. Some months ago, I got my otah fix in Geylang and was utterly disappointed by the deterrioted quality.

I am so happy that at least the quality in this stall is still the same as before. Was happily munching on it while son went to buy our pratha.

Decided to keep some to make Otah Buns. As I was not ready to make these, I decided to freeze it.

You might be wondering whether I am crazy to make bread in such weather. Well, when you crave for it, I guess even the weather can't stop it.

Here I am, making bread on a wet and cold day. I proof the dough with a steaming hot cloth over it and letting it sit in the microwave. So far, this method never fail me.


I was upset when my helper rebutted me that she is not wrong to boil liang cha in a small medical pot. How can I not tell the difference between liang cha and chinese medicinal herb? Well she still insist that she is right. So what more can I say right?

Because of this while I was kneading my bread, I totally forgotten about the butter.


Luckily it didn't affect the taste too much.

So here is my not so pretty Otah Bun.

Well at least my craving is fix and my son went crazy and ate most of them.
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