Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A not so new toy

Some months ago, I bought a Happy Call Pan from a spree. Didn't get an opportunity to use it till this week when I cooked some saba with terayaki sauce for dinner.

I was amazed how easy and fuss free this pan brought me. I think I cooked my dinner under 15 mins.

So now I am game to try more recipes.

Actually I am really slacking alot this week. Just not motivated to do anything, not even packing. Reason also being that my son is home all day long and it is really tough to manage him.

Despite setting down the ground rules, he still takes every opportunity to break it. It is really tough to play policeman all the time! To be honest, I am totally exhausted by this.

For example, I was down with a bad cold yesterday so I was on medication and was dozing off and on. Guess what, besides that one hour of study, he spent the whole day jumping from psp, you tube, computer and TV even though the ground rule was only for one and half hour allowed.

Despite me borrowing story books for him, those become white elephant on the table. His eyes are showing strain and he is always looking tired. I wish I can be blind and be oblivious.

With his gangster like attitude, it makes my life so unbearable as well. So these days, I hide myself in my room to seek peace and solace when I know I can no longer take the shit.

Back to my Happy Call pan experience. Another recipe I wanted to try is Muah Chee. Actually this reminded me of an experience that we had. Our very first guided tour. The guide was really incompetent but the trip was saved because we had very good company.

Once we were home, we actually organised a gathering and it was how the friend taught me how to make a mean Muah Chee. His version is really fragrant as it was cooked over shallot oil instead of steaming.


Unfortunately I don't know why we never bother to keep in touch after the gathering. I guess our busy work schedule caught up with us.

The muah chee recipe taught to me was nothing close to what I am going to do now. I think this version is much healthier and less arm power. So if you are craving for muah chee and wanted a quick fix, these chewy and yet don’t stick to your teeth texture will be your answer.


Have a go.

What you need:

200g glutinous rice flour
300ml water
1 tbsp shallot oil + 1 tsp
1 tsp sugar
pinch of salt
A generous amount of fried shallot

Peanut and sugar mixture

150g chopped roasted peanuts
50g fine sugar

Method (Happy Call Pan)

Mix everything in a bowl. Stir till it is lump free. Sieve.

Heat up pan.

Add another tsp of shallot oil.

Pour in the batter and let it cook for 5 mins.

Open the lid and give it a good thorough stir.

Close lid and cook for another 5 mins, repeat one more time by adding a generous amount of fried shallot. Blend well.

Remove from pan.

Cut dough with oiled scissor and coat with peanut and sugar mixture.
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  1. Seems like it's the happy call craze now, isn't it ? my colleagues are all getting gaga over this toy ! Don't worry too much over your son, I believe he will be more matured as he grows older, especially after NS. :) And your muah chee looks really great ! You have a recipe to it ??

  2. Joyce, I think this pan is worth the investment. I really like it.

    As for my son, I wish my blood pressure can still be good by the time he goes army. He is only 14!

    Muimui, make it it is easy.

  3. I have a similar pan from Korea too but it's not called happy call. But we love to use it to make these mochi too, it's sooo easy! And yours look great!!!!


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