Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Lately, I haven’t been able to feel motivated to blog. I just realised that I neglected my blog for over a week.

Though I did bake for Cupcake Fantasies but other than that, I was not inspired, not motivated and not driven.

After two days of spending some beautiful time with friends, my spirit finally picked up. Thanks to them for cheering me on. How can I live without you girls?

Talking about friendship, during my college days, we were known as the three musketeers. After school, I lost touch with one and that is VA. Been looking for her for years and thanks to Face book, I finally found her last year.

Of course I was delighted to reconnect back with her. Surprisingly, it seems like we went through a time machine. Nothing changed, we still clicked on well and our wave length never changed after all these years. She is still sincere and true.

When VA announced that she was getting married, I had mixed feeling. On one hand, I felt really happy for her but on the other, I am sad. I went through so much to locate her and when I finally found her, our reunion was short lived.

In November, her hubby to be, TW came to Singapore to “fetch” her back to the States. For the first time, I met this man who was able to put butterflies into my dear friend's tummy, making her feel loved. He is just like VA, down to earth, humble and sincere. A perfect match.

They just got married on 11 November 2011.

Here I wish them a blissful marriage and happiness always.

Now let me present to you Ebleskivers. You see, I got interested in this one when I watch AFC one day and just couldn’t get it off my head. Google and found that they actually sell this pan in Amazon. I immediately got TW to hand carried one back for me. So sweet isn't he?


This recipe is really awesome. Soft and fluffy. I did spend quite a fair bit of time experimenting the batter to get it in a ball shape.

Didn't have bananas as shown in AFC so I added chocolate instead.

For this one, it was the last bites of chocolate I had left, thus it didn't ooze melted chocolate but next round, I will made sure every one has a big chunk of it.

Will definitely make these again soon.


Enough said, dig in.

Source: Brassfield bites

What you need:

2 cup of buttermilk
258g plain flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
57g castor sugar
3 eggs


Separate eggs.

Whisk egg white till stiff.

Mix yolks with buttermilk.

Add in dry ingredients to the milk mixture.

Fold in white.

Pour batter in ebleskiver pan and add in chocolate chunk, cooked till golden brown on one side and flip over to brown the other side.

Serve hot with a dash of icing sugar.
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  1. Edith these look delicious!!! gloria

  2. Oh yes, I think I remember seeing the program on AFC. I remember it because the snack has such a mouthful name... they do look great with chocolate.

  3. Hey, me too! Feel like needed a good long rest. Don't mistaken...not that what I meant! haha.... However, love this recipe. Bookmarked it for later use. Thanks & hope you're having a fabulous evening.
    Cheers, Kristy

  4. These looks good! Love the choc in it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. hi edith, yeah, this is something new to me. I think they look fantastics and sounds like not too difficult to make! Facebook has indeed helped us locate some of our long lost contact friends... you can still keep in touch with your friend after she has moved to the states, you can do face to face chat with her too..shouldnt feel sad..have a nice day, ya!


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