Saturday, October 15, 2011

It is official

that my kids ended their final examination for the year. Strangely I realised that most of my friends' kids are still not done with it! So my kids can't go on play date as yet.

We took the kids out for a nice dinner on Friday as daddy will be away for two SOLID week.

Right after daddy left in the early morning, my dear son went into his angry fits in the afternoon. It sure been quite a while he lapsed. In fact, he had been really living up to his promise to be a good son.

This time round, just because I intervene a bullying, he was dominating two computers at one time and refused to let his sister play her games. I couldn't close my eyes when he started bullying his sister this way, she was so helpless.

When I removed his privilege, he couldn't take it and started to vent his anger on his sister. Nasty words spurts out, fist came as well.

If you ask me whether I am angry? I can tell you I am more frightened than angry. I didn't know what to do. He talks louder, he is taller and he is stronger.

Luckily for us, when he saw his sister coiled up and even refused my comfort, he relented. He started to break down and felt apologetic. I quickly too this opportunity to calm him down and reassured him that I love both of them equally.

After the hugs and kisses, I heaved a sigh of relief.

It was one nasty big fight we ever experienced. I pray that it will never happen again and I pray that he will have more self control.

Well, at least this Orange Jelly brought back some laughter and smile on my little one.


As for my older one, he managed to calm down and I took the opportunity to talk to him again about his anger management.

Now let's pray that these two weeks will be smooth sailing from today.
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  1. edith, i hope all goes well with the kids and you.

  2. I have similar problem with my eldest boy, very sensitive and need to learn about anger management too,though he is only 10.

  3. Edith...

    it has been a long while........

    I will keep boy in my prayer....


  4. Thanks Lena, after the outburst and talking, I hope he understood why his behaviour was not accepted.

    Sem, you need to monitor and help him. I didn't know what to do back then and now it has escalated to this extent.

    Thanks Huey Bing, hope all is well at your end. Thanks for your prayer.


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