Friday, October 07, 2011

I fear most ....

I have been really busy these past few days. Now what have I been up to?

My dizzy spell went away and I was down with a itchy throat for a few days. Pumping water, herbal tea and gurgling with mouth wash. The thing I fear was cough. It came but at least it didn't hit me hard. Just a few cough here and there and it went away. Perhaps I have been drowning myself with lots of vitamins.

Though the cough was kept at bay, my blocked nose didn't. I blamed it on the fan that my daughter insisted on turning on for the night. So after two weeks, my blocked nose is still here! This is really irritating.

Enough said, and I am sure you are tired of my whining and thinking of happy time now.

I met CC and VL when our kids were in kinder. CC left soon after for Australia and some how we lost contact.

While doing housekeeping on my email one day. I found an old email from her. From then onwards, we were connected again.

Since she is back for a visit, we took the opportunity to catch up.

We spent the afternoon making macarons as requested by CC. She said she did tried once but was unsuccessful. Not that I am an expert but the girls didn't mind the blind leading the blind. We had so much fun that I forgotten to take picture of the wonderful sumptuous spread of tea time snack (courtesy from VL).

Anyway, the macarons turned out beautifully. Both VL and CC were like little girls. All excited getting the final touch of doing the fillings. CC's 13 years old son also couldn't stop sneaking around us popping these babies into his mouth.

All agree that these were goods! (thanks Swee San).

Most importantly it was a very good afternoon spent with great friends and catching on our lives.

CC, have a safe trip home.

VL, let's do it again. Thanks for that cough mixture.


I filled the rest of the remaining shell with vanilla curd that I bought last weekend. Never really know how vanilla curd taste like so I decided to give it a try.


Do I really like it? Not really because the vanilla was not apparent at all. Though the texture is smooth and thick but it is really very sweet.

I will incorporate this into buttercream next time.
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  1. i've seen you making macarons few times, i'm sure you already know most of the know hows. I had a great weekend too, a little reunion with some close girlfriends.


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