Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I love you

Having a girl is so much different from having a boy.

My girl started telling me "I love you" by the time she understood the meaning behind it.

There isn't a day that went by without her hugs and kisses and these three beautiful words.

Whenever she is free, she will draw a card to tell us that or sometime even a little note tugged under your pillow. Once, just before his travel, my hubby found a note inside his suitcase. It definitely brightened up one's life.

Last Monday, my princess cried till she sleeps. As a mother, it is definitely heart pain seeing this.

The next day, while having dinner, my son chided his sister for being a cry baby. I took the opportunity to ask him, "don't you miss your daddy too?"

Guess what was his reply? "nope"

I guess this is how teens behave during this period, totally detach from the family. I once remembered my sister telling us that friends are more important than family!

These days, it is hard to hug son as well. He is like a stiff board. Whatever it is, that didn’t deter us from hugging and kissing him as well. The more I need to tell him I love him very much.

So how many of us really tell your love ones such endearing words?

Well, besides these, another way to show my love for her is that I made her favourite. Egg tarts!


Initially she wanted those with the chocolate inside but due to my poor time planning, I totally forgotten about it. I also make the crust way too thick.

Personally I still like the previous one that I had done.

Guess I need to make another batch real soon.
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  1. Your princess is such a darling. Your egg tarts look very delicious. Theresa

  2. Once I left a gift under my mom's pillow, she never knew until I told her. LOL.
    It was a gold chain that I bought with my first salary working after Pre-U. And she couldn't feel the box underneath, gosh!!!

  3. Your girl is so nice. I would be melted if I receive those kind of sweet words!! Beside, nice egg tarts! Hope someone could brought me this now.

  4. Having girl is so nice, I better hug and kiss my son more often just in case he refused to let me hug and kiss him in future :)

    I still think that the egg tarts are beautiflly done.

  5. Theresa, she is. Always with the right words that can melt.

    Wendy, my mom also the same. When I gave her money or presents, she never remembers.

    Kitchen Corner, my girl is very street smart. She will know how to hide and dart if the "weather" is bad.

  6. hahah Ah Tze, yah you better hugs and kisses him always coz when they grow up, they don't even want us near.

    Also girls are sweet now. I was told they are far worse when they hit teens. So now I am mentally prepared and in the meantime, savouring this sweetness.

  7. At 4, my boy is not giving me enuf hugs & kisses unless I request from him. I can imagine how 'distant' he will be when he gets older :((

  8. Having a daughter is like owning a precious gem! You are lucky to have one! Treasure her and love her! When my elder girl got married, I cried buckets every time she left after a visit. And she is only a few km away!

  9. ah.... such a heart-warming post :)

    your girl must feel really lucky to have parents who openly express their love towards them. I'd wish my conservative parents were so "free" with their love. LOL

  10. A touching post! Those tarts are really pretty and tempting.



  11. quizzine, I believe once they pass their teens, I am sure they will be back to his normal self again. I hope. In the meantime, give him hugs.

    busygran, you are so right that having daughters are gems. Thus I cannot understand why Asians favour sons so much. hahhaha but then again, my son can be such a sweet heart when he is not in those horrible rebellious stage.

    travellingfoodies, I didn't grow up with very huggeable parents but my late granny is one hell of a warm lady. We will Q up each time for her hugs and kisses. Thus I want to give it back to my kids as well.

    Thanks Rosa's Yummy Yums.

  12. I'm also very close with my girl and we enjoy hugging and kissing each other. and she will also pinch my cheeks the way i pinch hers!

  13. Not all girls are the same. I have 3 girls, only my youngest is like yours. She likes to draw cards and write notes to me. I keep all her notes and cards. very precious.

  14. wow ur egg tart looking so good!

  15. Hi Edith, yr daughter is such a sweetheart! Given that she is sweet natured, i believe she'd continue to be so even when she is a grown-up :-)

  16. Oh.... your princess is so sweet.. how I wish I have a daughter

  17. Fong's kitchen, You are def close to yr kid. Love the playfulness.

    Delia those are really precious.

    Thanks Simmone.

    MJ I pray so.

  18. yes, girls are more sentimental and i guess women are more connected to one another incomparative to men

  19. Lena, you are absolutely right.


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