Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today is a very productive day.

Brought the kids for a swim as it sure been a long time we last went to the pool. After lunch, brought my girl for her second round of chiropratic treatment. Then we make our way to Geylang to buy more low sugar white lotus seed paste because I need to made some moonies for my son.

Now we are relaxing at home with a wonderful cool afternoon. A pity that the sun is hiding, if not it would have been perfect. Sipping a cup of tea and browsing at recipe books are the best enjoyment I love.

Talking about recipes, recently Kokken shared a really interesting recipe and looking at her awesome picture, I knew straight I need to attempt on that. After all, I am very confident with her recipe as hers never fail me.

Out I went seeking for this Nagaimo (山药/淮山)(Huai San). I didn't have much luck with the some of the supermarkets that is nearby. Upon S's suggestion, finally I went to NTUC Finest and true enough, I saw it.

I guess this is seasonal produce. For I also saw the Japanese version on sale which is thicker and of course the price is four times more than that one I paid for.

This is my first time seeing fresh Nagaimo (淮山). My mom always uses the dried version which I am familiar with to make soup. The difference between Burdock and Nagaimo (淮山) is that Burdock is thinner and Nagaimo is thicker. Burdock is also known as 牛蒡.

So here is my attempt on Nagaimo Soy Pudding.


I wasn't sure how many serving S's recipe yield so I actually double the portion and gotten 2 servings. Since my family of 5, it is obviously not enough. I set off again cooking another double portion.

In my mind, a pudding is wobbly and soft. This one is actually quite firm, more like agar agar. The taste of Nagaimo is there but I have no issue with it, I find it nice.

I should have done a test taste before setting the pudding as I actually used a reduce sugar soy milk thus, hubby found it rather bland. Luckily the maple syrup saved the day!

The kids weren't keen so I ended up having to clear their servings. I have in mind another version but am not sure how this will turn out. So stay tuned.

What you need:

Nagaimo                 200g
Powder agar           4 tsp
Soy Milk                2 cup
Maple syrup           To serve

Method :
Peel the skin of nagaimo. (Wear gloves as you do this as the sap on the skin will cause skin irritation) Wrap peeled nagaimo in plastic wrap and microwave for 3-4 mins.

Mash the cooked Nagaimo while still hot with a fork.

Put the Nagaimo into a saucepan, add soy milk and powder agar. Cook over low heat until mixture is smooth and thickened.

Pour into 4 molds and chill in refrigerator until set.

Demold and serve with maple syrup.
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  1. I saw her recipe and it seems very firm with that amount of agar: liquid
    If you're looking for a soft version, as soft as Tofufah, then go for 1gm/250ml ratio. This ratio won't be able to be unmoulded, but kept in the cup and spooned out.
    2gm/250ml can be removed from the mould, but won't be as soft as tofufah.

  2. I would love to have some of this chilled. This will be very refreshing for hot weather like now.

  3. This is genius! I've never heard of this one but I do really love the idea of making some. Gotta bookmarked this one! philippine outsourcing

  4. i have also seen a recipe from one of the chinese book that they use nagaimo to make paste for some kuihs..wonder how they really taste like..

  5. Hi Edith, 淮山 is not seasonal as we see it in supermarkets and wet markets all the time, all year round, albeit more so in recent years. It started with a craze in Taiwan a couple of years back, with the Taiwanese growining their very own in northern Taiwan, whose quality is supposedly comparable to those from Japan.

    Burdock is a different plant altogether.

  6. wendy, noted your ratio. Thanks

    Quay Po Cooks, you are so right.

    jeana, it was my first time too. Didn't even know how fresh ones look like till now.

    lena, am really curious about your recipe. Hope you can share.

    travellingfoodies, usually I can easily find burdock. Perhaps I never open my eyes big enough to look for 淮山 till I saw Kokken's recipe. I hope you have a new recipe to share for this roots.

  7. I saw this in Shirley's blog too but didn't get a chance to try out yet. Don't think it is seasonal as I can get it all year round in the supermarket near home. I've been cooking this in soup, my kids love it.

  8. BH, you know what. Now that I am aware of this root, and my eyes are tuned. I now sees them around in the supermarket. Wondering what happened in the past, blind fold?


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