Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catching up

Ever since our kids no longer attend the same tuition session, I haven't been seeing D. She is busy and I am too. After I dropped off my girl, I will do errands around that area.

So on Thursday it was a special day as she is free and I am too.

We did catch up and am happy that finally she is doing things that she wanted all along. I wish her success.

She offered some home grown managoes as she said were very sweet. I, without hesitation, took up the offer as immediately, I was thinking about my sour pomelo that I brought for Mooncake Festival.

So here is my Mango & Pomelo Dessert (楊枝甘露) done my way. Simple and easy.


Indeed the mangoes were really sweet and it blended so well with the sour pomelo. My kids were fighting to have more. Unfortunately we only had one mango left. Guess I need to buy more.

Thanks D! Wish I can share this with you. :)

What you need

1kg mango (without the seed)
300g pomelo (removed seeds and skin, break them into tiny pieces)
1 carton of mango juice


Cut the mango into cubes leaving 300g to liquify.

Put the 300g mango into a blender and add in half carton of mango juice. Blend.

Mix the mango cubes, pomelo and mango juice.

Chill and serve cold.
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