Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Happy National Day

In order to distract myself from unnecessary stress, I literally buried myself in books the past week. I had a feeling that my hubby felt that I neglected him. Hahhaa…

Even though baking or cooking actually first started as a distraction from having the housewife’s stress. I found out that I still wasn’t able to detach myself wholeheartedly as I get from reading. It also took me away from the computer as well which explains the laziness of my blog update.

Hubby spent a solid 4 days with us, which is such a rare treat. Unfortunately, it was a last minute decision and my girl was already committed to a birthday party and she didn’t want to miss that. If not, I am sure that long weekend will be fully utilised as a family bonding time.

All is not lost, on Monday, after sending the kids off to school, we only took a morning walk together at the East Coast and watched the sun rise. I really enjoyed such time alone with him. You see, my hubby is a very lucky man, he has two women in his life that constantly fight for his attention. Of course, the princess always gets the first priority.

For National Day celebration, initially, I was thinking of holding a party at home but decided against it as that will take me away from my books. So instead, we cycle down to the Marina to watch the parade and of course the Fireworks which my hubby and girl love.

Since we got to be there early to find a good seat, we decided to have home made burgers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get hold of any burger buns and I immediately get on to made some as I recalled that Kokken’s done a batch recently.

After all, I have not venture into this 65ºC 烫种 method. So this is a good start for me.

I was pretty afraid that I will burnt my dough so I took it really slowly and kept constantly checking on the temperature. I got a feeling that this recipe is rather forgiving for I think I hit 70ºC before I removed it from the heat.

I didn’t have enough time to proof that 40 + 10 + 40 mins but surprisingly it still turned out well.

See how nice and round it is.


And this is our dinner, Terriyaki Beef Burger. It was nice and juicy. Yum.


Okay, off we go to catch the fly past and fireworks.




Happy National Day.

BTW, please join me on this Heritage Food Trail if you have the time. I am sure it will be an opportunity to get to know other dialect food cuisine.
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  1. Wow!!Your burger looks so mouth watering and your cupcakes are so patriotic and pretty. Theresa

  2. is it more on the crusty or fluffy soft texture? I've been really curious about the "tang zhong"/water roux method but havent gotten round to make them yet.

    btw, i left a question in the heritage trail post. :)

  3. Thanks Gloria for dropping by.

    Theresa, thanks. I was surprised that I managed to pull it thru despite the short time frame.

    Sorry travellingfoodies for missing the earlier comment. Already replied to your question. Hope to see your submission. Thanks for the support.

    It is more the fluffy texture. This is my first time too using the 65 degree method.


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