Friday, July 29, 2011

Mood swing

Yesterday, I had a long morning all by myself. With my work completed, I wanted to get busy in the kitchen. After all, I just love cooking for my family.

Going through my books, I jotted down what I wanted to cook. Unfortunately going through my pantry, I realised that I am low in ALMOST everything that I planned for.

There goes the happy spirit!!! I had told my helper numerous times that she has to indicate in my shopping list when supplies are low, not when it is ZERO.

Sometime I feel that when she gets too comfortable, she tends to slack in her job. Like on Wednesday, at 12:30pm, lunch is still not prepared. Or I had asked her to remove some old baby music CDs as I wanted to give it to my girl friend and guess what, I actually brought along empty CD cases. Thank God I opened it up to check before giving. If not, it will be really embarrassing.

I guess, I need to reinstate my ground rule once again. Hubby always called it the refresher course. Haiz.

Even hubby noticed that the house is not being cleaned properly and when I told her to redo it, her face was like as if she is attending my funeral! I also noticed that on laundry day, clothes are not being washed. When I told her that the toilet’s window is not cleaned properly, she has the cheek to tell me that it needs ladder to reach it. Gosh, what is wrong with her this week? Considering the fact that I not asked her to do it daily or weekly!

Even though she has her mood swing, but I seriously think that she has to learn to control it when at work. After all, half the day, I am not at home.


I hope her mood swing will go away soon. It is not nice feeling to be alone with someone every morning with a sullen face. As her vibes always seems to rub off onto me, especially now I am trying my best to stay positive!

Anyway, with her foul mood, I took over dinner cooking as hubby volunteered to bring my girl back from her tuition place. Thus leaving me some time to go to the supermarket and be home early to cook dinner.

Initially I wanted to make 獅子头, but changed my mind because of the deep frying. Thus I improvise a Vietnamese dish. Now let’s call it Braised Cabbage Meat Loaf shall we?


Overall, it is a nice dish except that I was a little light handed on the seasoning and I wonder why the meat is a little "hard". Is it because I didn't add enough corn starch or was it that I squeeze the meat ball too hard?

Nevertheless, I am glad that this dish my family approved.

Okay, I am off for some ME time, better to get out than to get affected by it.

Thank God It Is Friday!
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  1. TGIF indeed. Hope you are feeling better now. And hope things get better with your helper.

  2. This looks so delicious! Like restaurant cooking!

  3. Your cabbage claypot looks so delicious. Yummy with one big bowl of rice. Theresa

  4. Love the cross section of this dish. The meat loaf look good to me and i am sure it taste great with that braising sauce. Emmm my mum always add 1 teaspoon or so water to marinate the meat so that i won't be too tough mb u want to give it a try :p

  5. Edith, the dish look so delish just like the one served from restaurant. I wonder what inside meat, did you mixed with vermicelli noodle, it looks like sago after you cut it?

  6. Hiya! Thanks for leaving comment on my blog! It brings me to yours! :)
    I love this dish that you made... so comforting!

  7. I totally understand how it feels to be working with a sullen face helper. I let it slide most of the time. I hope her mood gets better in time!

  8. Thanks NEL, we are fine now.

    Wen, hehehe my little "restaurant".

    Theresa, it tasted even better the next day!

    Thanks for the tip. Cuisine Paradise, if I ever braised rolled meat again, I will remember you.

    THanks meinekueche

    DG, there is fungus, glass noddle and meat. Yah the cut out loaf looks really yucky but it was good.

    mycookinghut. Welcome to my blog!

    crustabakes, like what my hubby said, once a while must have refresher course. LOLZ.


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